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Is Your Ego Harming Your Relationships?

We’ve all learned about the ego at some point in our education. Even informal education always touches upon the ego. Movies, books, TV shows, and conversations with others – these all bring up the topic of the ego at one point or another. But what exactly is the ego? The ego is our identity, an […]

How to Become a Better Wife, Girlfriend, or Life Partner

Way back, we had an article titled “How to Become a Better Husband, Boyfriend or Life Partner“. While it was written a long time ago, the concepts still apply; and since it was targeted at men, let’s look at things from the other perspective: that of a woman’s. Whether your relationship is in excellent condition, […]

What’s the FlashForward Concept and How You Can Use It

Back in 2009, my best friend and I started watching this television show called FlashForward. The premise is that an unexplained event took place wherein every person on Earth blacks out, resulting in catastrophies. When people awake, they have a glimpse of their future. As you can imagine, some were good and some were bad. […]

How to Reduce Holiday Stress

The last month of the year is supposed to be all about joy, giving, and creating wonderful memories with family and friends. In reality, we know that this period has another side – a darker side which involves stress, irritation, and sometimes even anger. This can be the result of having to shop for Christmas […]

4 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Differently

The Christmas fever can hardly be ignored, with every commercial establishment playing Christmas songs and flaunting decor all over the place. From Santa to fake snow to Christmas sales – no one can escape the Christmas “spirit”. But what does Christmas really mean to you? What do you do during this period? For many, Christmas […]

How to Make Sure You Have a Good Day By Using Positive Affirmations

How do you usually start your day? What are the first thoughts that come to mind as you get out of bed? For me, it’s usually “I need to make coffee or else I won’t be able to function.” Throughout the day, I find myself thinking in a similar pattern. I won’t be able to […]

The Key To A Rejuvenating Getaway

As the daily grind wears you out, it is natural to seek out a vacation getaway that will get your mind off work and responsibilities as you bask in the ambiance of peace and serenity. One of the most common ways that people do this is by going to the beach or the ocean. However, […]

15 Quotes to Boost Your Confidence

In the previous post, we talked about how to boost your confidence by taking a look at your behaviors, and if some of them were toxic. By letting go of those toxic behaviors, your confidence will only benefit from it. To continue along those lines and give you even more inspiration, let’s look at some […]

When Relationships End…Badly

When people enter a relationship, they don’t think about it ending. When everything seems right (at that time), partners may even think about spending the rest of their lives together. The reality, however, is that not all relationships have happy endings; and relationships can be hard. In a previous post, Why Are Relationships So Hard?, […]

5 Quotes on Addiction that Can Spurn You to Action

Maybe you think a loved one has a problem with addiction, or maybe you’re worried about your own recent habits. “Addiction” doesn’t have to include drugs or alcohol. It can be food, smartphones, gaming and just about anything else that leaks into other parts of your life. You can’t help somebody who doesn’t want it, […]