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We’ve given tips on how to quit coffee using meditation, but that doesn’t mean everyone should just give it up altogether. The key, as usual, is moderation, and if you love yourself a good cup of joe, there’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion. In fact, studies have shown that coffee is good for […]

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Night shift workers share a common problem. They feel tired at work even after a full night’s sleep. Nurses and employees of IT companies and law enforcement agencies are prone to lethargic periods within their eight or 12-hour work shifts. There are many reasons for the fatigue. Ruling out medical conditions, it could be lack […]

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Thanks to technology and everything that comes with it, we’ve got so many options to make our lives more convenient. We can buy everything we need online, without having to get out of the house. We can pay bills, make bank transactions, arrange schedules, and plan trips – all from the comforts of our homes. […]