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Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

Sometimes, we don’t see the need to make some changes in our life. We think everything’s okay, and that’s the end of it. However, everyone knows there is always room for improvement. The thing is, we can’t always pinpoint those areas. We can’t determine what habits to form that will create significant changes. Even more, […]

How to Deal With Difficult People and Keep Your Sanity

There is at least one difficult person in everyone’s lives. It may be a colleague, a family member, or a friend. Sometimes, you can simply walk away and obliterate those people from your life. In many cases, however, you have to face the fact that you have to continue dealing with those people. These people may […]

30 Positive Affirmations for Kids

Positive affirmation is essentially thinking positively, believing in yourself and that you’ll get what you want. One of the most important elements of positive affirmation is repetition. In order for them to be effective, it is necessary to repeat them to yourself (write them down even) several times a day. Additionally, they have to be […]

How to Break Free From Social Media Addiction

What’s the first thing that you do in the morning? The last thing you do before going to bed? What about everything in between? The sad fact is that far too many people are getting – or are already – addicted to social media. While this addiction may be related to one’s personality, other factors […]

5 Miracle Recoveries after Life-Threatening Accidents

You only need to peruse the CDC accident statistics to see that injuries are not just something that happens to other people. Each year millions of people fall victim to forces beyond their control and wind up in emergency rooms across the country. Sadly, these injuries are often life threatening, and at the very least […]

Make Your Trips More Memorable: Practice Mindful Travel

Traveling is something we should all do at least once a year, circumstances allowing. It is one of the best ways to leave the stress that we experience every day, even if we think that they may not be that bad. Traveling also gives us a chance to discover new things, which results in self-improvement. […]

Quotes That Will Give You a Deeper Understanding of Yoga

Previously, we talked about the relationship between yoga and weight loss.  We also talked about how individuals have their own reasons for practicing yoga. Pinning down yoga to a single description is practically impossible. As I mentioned before, I’ve only just began practicing, and I don’t think I can do yoga any justice if I […]

Does Yoga Make You Lose Weight?

The founders of the ancient practice of yoga probably didn’t think just how far its reach would become. Today, yoga is practiced all over the world, although its popularity in the U.S. has skyrocketed only recently, with 21 million Americans saying they’ve tried yoga in the past year. Yoga has become an industry – and […]

Summer Parenting Project: How to Teach Kindness to Kids

It’s summer time, and while the kids are jumping all over the place happily thinking of school-free days, parents are thinking about what to do. There are the usual summer camps and vacations, but why not consider adding something to your summer activities? Take advantage of the fun and teach kindness to kids. Isn’t that […]

3 Things (Even) Intelligent People Forget

There are all sorts of people in the world, and some are more gifted intellectually than others. From grade school to high school to university to the workplace, these people are used to performing better than most of their peers. This doesn’t mean, however, that they know everything. As a matter of fact, high intellect […]