July 16th, 2014

7 Things to Do When You Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed and Face the Day

We’ve all had those days when we just don’t feel like getting out of bed and facing the day. The heavy feeling may even start the day or night before. It’s normal. It’s life.

get out of bed


That may very well be the case, but it still doesn’t make things any easier when we have one of those days, right? If you’ve had these moments, or if it comes at some point, here are some things that you can do when you don’t want to get out of bed. Read the rest of this article →

July 8th, 2014

11 Best Ways to Wake Up in the Morning and Hit the Ground Running

So much has been said and written about waking up early in the day and how it allows us to get more things done. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the earlier you start, the more hours of the day you can use to your advantage. But how do you wake up in the morning and actually hit the ground running?

best ways to wake up in the morning


If you’re not a morning person, waking up in the morning can be one of the most difficult tasks in your life. Trust me – I know the feeling. However, the body and mind can be trained, and even a night owl can learn how to wake up in the morning earlier than usual and actually feel good about it. Read the rest of this article →

July 2nd, 2014

15+ Quotes to Beat Depression

Lately, I have been battling depression more than usual. I know it is partly due to the extraordinary circumstances I am in right now, but it is also due to all those years of not facing my own issues. For many people who suffer from depression, the situation is usually the same.

Beating depression is not an easy thing. On good days, you get up and have hope that things will get better. On bad days, you feel like it’s a constant uphill climb.

Coming from one who is in the same boat as you may be, here are some quotes to beat depression. I’m not saying they’re going to beat depression forever. They may even sound trite (everything seems trite when you’re in a rut), or they may seem useless. Trust me on this: keep reading and reading and reading.

You’ll get out of that rut, and you’ll find that strength inside you. They may just be quotes, but words have a powerful effect if you imbibe them and believe that there is always hope, even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment.
quotes to beat depression
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July 1st, 2014

7 European Retreats to Visit This Summer – and Beyond

The benefits of meditation have long been established. For example, more than having a calming and stabilizing effect, it can also help in managing pain. While meditating on a regular basis is the best thing to do, there is an added benefit to setting aside a specific, extended period where you can really focus on meditating, reflecting, and even doing yoga and other spirit-nourishing activities.

european retreats


With summer here, you’re probably making plans to get away from the hustle and bustle of life – if you haven’t already. With how busy things can get at work, it’s understandable that many still haven’t made arrangements for their summer vacation, but it’s not too late to make bookings, and with sites such as Uyora, affordable rates are still to be found.

If you don’t have plans yet, there is still time to plan and consider visiting a retreat, which may be different from your usual summer trip. There are a lot of choices out there, but here are some of the best European retreats.
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June 25th, 2014

5 Unusual Ways to Beat Depression

Depression is a horrific thing, and most everyone goes through it now and then. There is the “natural” depression that comes and goes. This can be due to transient external or internal factors. The good thing is that this kind of depression is easier to deal with and beat. Then there is the more serious kind of depression, which will probably require professional help to deal with.

beat depression


Since I am not a professional therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist, this post will be about the former kind of depression, which the average person experiences from time to time. You probably have read countless articles giving advice on how to beat depression, but let’s take a look at some unusual ways to beat depression that you may not have tried yet. Read the rest of this article →