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We have often read about how mindfulness is good for us adults. But did we ever consider that mindfulness is just as good for kids? Teaching mindfulness to kids is a new and growing interest, with many schools now taking up the practice. Science-based research has shown that teaching kids to be mindful has many […]

How Blogging Can Help Reduce Stress and Improve Wellbeing

Documenting your thoughts is no longer limited to journals and diaries, there are so many ways to go online. Creative and expressive writing provide a number of benefits that help to relieve stress and alleviate negative emotions. While journaling and diarizing thoughts is a wonderful personal experience, blogging has the added advantage of allowing writers […]

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When I first heard/read about bullet journaling, I thought to myself, “Here’s yet another one of those to-do helpers,” and, like other fads, I thought this too shall pass. But curiosity got the better of me, especially because the bullet journal is not digital and I’ve never gotten over my love for the paper planner. […]

The Growth Mindset: What It Is and How to Develop It

The growth mindset became popular and spread quickly in schools and the workplace when renowned psychologist Carol Dweck showed how it is linked to success. Previously, it was generally believed that people with high IQs or talent had better chances to become successful, be it in school or at work. The Two Types of Mindsets […]