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5 Ways to Reach Out to Others During a Personal Crisis

When crisis hits, the hardest thing to do is admit you need help. You may feel that you don’t want to drag anyone else into your problems, or maybe you feel ashamed that you have to ask for support. Suffering in silence is the worst thing you can do to get through a personal crisis, […]

The Reality of Alcoholism and Its Devastating Effects

This post was written by Parris Wells, Director of Marketing at New Method Wellness. Most of society has a singular view of alcoholism from a pop culture lens: Charlie Sheen’s ‘#winning’, that ‘one girl’ from The Bachelor who over-drinks and causes chaos in the house, and any college-related TV show or movie that depicts excessive […]

A Simple Guide to Overcoming Melancholy

Melancholy as an emotion is distinct from depression or grief. It has its own singular nature that is characterized by a certain vague sadness, an unexplainable tenuous sorrow that is baffling because you can’t quite put a finger on its cause. Changing circumstances in life allow melancholy to creep in insidiously and catch you unawares, […]

7 Secrets to Traversing a Spiritual Path

What is spirituality for you? For most, it’s the essence of happiness and success; it’s the path which needs to be travelled, when one wants to be one with the universe and the higher being. Does that mean you too, like some of our well-renowned predecessors, have to seek divinity in order to transcend onto […]

Ethical Dilemma: Would You Tell on a Colleague/Friend?

Daily ethical dilemmas are something everyone has to face. Sometimes, we may not notice them. Sometimes, we may ignore them. Today, I’d like to look at two concepts that are part of my core values: loyalty and honesty. You know this goes. Below is the situation which you have to think about.

Stop Negative Thinking: Don’t Believe These Thoughts

Think positively. That’s what we’re always told, and that’s what we usually say when we encourage others (and ourselves). But the route to thinking positively is not a straight path. There are times when we have to destroy blocks like negative thoughts in order to start thinking positive ones.

Quotes on Social Media Addiction That Will Make You Think

Social media addiction is real, whether you want to admit it or not. As early as 2012, psychologists acknowledged the existence of addiction to texts, Twitter, and Google. That doesn’t even take into account Facebook, which has hooked one person too many. In a previous post, How to Break Free From Social Media Addiction, I […]

Ethical Dilemma: Would You Turn a Thief In Without a Thought?

Thou shall not steal. – The 8th Commandment of God in the Old Testament  Whether you follow Judaism, Christianity, Islam, any other religion, or no religion at all, the chances are that you abide by this commandment. You believe it to be the right thing. This is what is taught in society. Then again, you’ve likely […]

Did You Know Culture Shock Can Be Good for You?

When one is about to go to another country – whether for business, pleasure, or study – culture shock is often one of the first things brought up. More so, it is one of the main concerns, especially for people who are planning on living in another country for a while. Travelers get all sorts […]