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Coming to Terms with Grief: How to Heal Yourself

One of life’s most difficult challenges is dealing with grief, the feeling of sadness over the loss of someone or something significant. Although grief is normal, the pain can be overwhelming, and the sorrow so profound that it defies description. You wonder if you can ever heal yourself.

Millennial Dads: How To Strengthen The Bond Between You And Your Child

Millennial dads came when the world wasn’t looking. Yes, at their current age range, most millennials have become parents to Generation Alpha kids. While mothers of any generation take naturally to child-rearing and bonding (we carried them in our wombs for nine months, after all,) dads, in general, do not have this inherent ability.

How to Fully Embrace Yourself For Who You Are

We all have our own set of insecurities. No matter how confident you may or may not feel about yourself, there are no doubt some days when we all feel a little less than great about ourselves. As self-confidence seems to be something that we have to work on from time to time, there are […]

How to NOT Be Judgmental on Social Media

It’s common knowledge that social media has changed the way we seek and share information. Unfortunately, a lot of people think it gives them carte blanche to express their views without restraint, thus spawning a breed of trolls, and a new culture of passing judgment on the internet in the meanest, rudest and nastiest ways […]

How to Find the Strength to Leave a Relationship

It takes tremendous courage to leave a relationship that no longer fits. It takes tremendous self-love to know you deserve better. It takes tremendous faith to believe something better, someone better lies just around the corner in your future. It takes tremendous wisdom to feel deep in your bones that you were born to live […]

How to Turn Perfectionism into a Healthy Habit

In the last few decades, perfectionism has gotten a bad name. It wasn’t always that way. People, especially job applicants when asked what their weaknesses are, love to proclaim they’re perfectionists, hoping to be seen in a positive light by interviewers.

Mindfulness to Ease the Stress of Raising a Child with Special Needs

Raising a child with special needs places high demands on a parent’s mental faculties. Often, the intense level of attention required by a child with special needs can lead parents to neglect their own care. However, focusing all efforts on a child can do more harm than good. Parents can use mindfulness practices as helpful […]

Why A Spiritual Retreat Is Essential To Your Well-being

The next time you’re planning to go on a vacation, why not take a spiritual retreat? Skip the crowd that flock to the beaches and bars and escape from the noise and clutter of your everyday life. Seek a haven where you can reclaim serenity and inner peace surrounded by silence and nature. Spiritual retreats […]

9 Unexpected Things You Should Be Thankful For

We often forget to count the blessings in our lives especially when we are facing endless challenges. It is easy for us to miss the little good things around and accept misfortunes as our permanent state of reality. But with a positive mindset and attitude, you can learn to appreciate the positive things around you. […]