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What Your Clothes Style Say About You

“It is impossible to wear clothes without transmitting social signals. Every costume tells a story, often a very subtle one, about its wearer.” – Desmond Morris Have you noticed how you feel more confident and self-assured when you are wearing clothes that you know you look good in and are comfortable? On the other hand, […]

Are You the Annoying Colleague at Work?

No one wants to be that person in the office whom everyone avoids because of attitude, certain characteristics, and mannerisms. That is, unless that person has serious issues and goes out of his way to be the annoying colleague. Sometimes, however, we may not be aware that we are behaving in such a way that […]

Celebrate Father’s Day Differently With These Activities

What do you usually do on Father’s Day? I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that many of us usually have dinner (or lunch) and give gifts. While these activities are not negative in any way, there are many other things that you can celebrate Father’s Day. This year, why not change […]

How to Promote Your Inspirational Blog and Reach Out to More People

Inspirational blogs, self-help blogs, and motivational blogs are all over the Internet today. Some of them are written and maintained by high profile bloggers, but many are the result of the struggles and lessons learned by the “common” person. Personally, I like reading the latter because I feel closer to reality and can relate more […]

Pay It Forward, Help a Little Girl Gain Her Sense of Hearing

Most of us take our senses for granted. Unless we experience problems with them. As they say, you only truly appreciate the value of something until it’s gone. Let me tell you the story of this little girl, who was born under very difficult circumstances, with various complications that most of us will probably not […]

Financial Quotient: What Is It and Why It Matters

We’ve all heard about IQ and EQ and how they play important roles in getting you into university and avoiding breakups. But did you know that FQ, or financial quotient, is just as essential to the level of quality of your life? For what good is topping the exams and being happily married if you […]

French Vintage Wine Chart [Infographic]

A glass of wine can be the best way to unwind from a long stressful day. For many people a standard bottle of table wine might be enough but for others who seek something a little more aged and refined and who are willing to spend a bit more for a good vintage then knowing […]

How You Can Help Nepal Earthquake Victims

On Saturday, April 25, a horrendous earthquake struck Nepal, the worst the country has experienced in 80 years. As with many earthquakes, aftershocks occurred, exponentially causing more damage. You’ve probably heard and read about this horrifying news over and over again, but we can only imagine what the people of Nepal are experiencing right now. […]

14 Ways to Make Someone Smile Any Time

Have you ever had those days when you just feel like the world is 1. Take the first step: smile first. As they say, smile and the world smiles with you. Even better, smile at a stranger. You never know what a person is going through. Your smile might very well make the difference between […]

5 Habits That Will Lead You to Bankruptcy

We work ourselves to the bone, and yet there is still the danger of going broke! Truth be told, no one is exempt from the danger of going bankrupt. Even the rich have to rely on their bankruptcy lawyer at the worst of times! How much more for the average worker who may have to […]

10 Things to Do Before You Unleash Your Anger to the World

  Anger is a very dangerous thing. When you’re angry, you make the whole world know about it through actions. By expressing your anger, you are able to act upon this negative emotion, thus ridding yourself from bad feelings in the process. On the downside, the consequences of your actions while you’re angry may cause […]

What to Remember about “Yoga”

You probably know very few people who haven’t at least tried yoga, but its travel to America is actually pretty recent. Even 50 years ago, it was considered a very new concept for Americans, and (like many things) we were quick to Westernize it. That’s not necessarily a bad (or good) thing, but it is […]

5 Habits That Can Limit Your Mood Swings

Millions upon millions of Americans suffer from mood swings. A good number take prescription pills to deal with their situation, while others follow non-medication methods to deal with mood swings. Whichever the case may be, there is no ignoring the fact that mood swings are one of the most common psychological disorders in the country. […]

5 Songs to Cope With Change

Change is constant. Sometimes we don’t see it coming, and it hits us like a truck coming out of nowhere. Sometimes, though, we see hints along the way; but even though we do see change coming, when it actually does, things still are not easy. Whatever change it is that might come your way – […]

Win a Rose Quartz Mini Tassle Mala Bracelet From Mala and Mantra!

For some people, jewelry and other accessories are merely for aesthetic purposes; but we at The Daily Mind believe that there are certain pieces of jewelry that are crafted with the intent of making life better. With the right materials and purpose, jewelry can be more than a piece of “bling” to show off. In […]

Painting What You Feel

Art Therapy is the combination of art, counselling and psychology. Using art as a creative tool one is able to express what they feel easily, which speeds up the healing process. Creative Expression also utilizes art to heal, but a little different. The Health Education Authority’s description of mental health is , “Mental health is […]

11 Quotes for Tough Times in Your Relationship

Source Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing, as we were made to be social. Even the most introverted person yearns for a connection, only the intensity and frequency varies. As Margaret Mead said, “Having someone wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night is a very old human need.” There […]

Mindful Travelling Tips: Eco Love, Learning Thai and Being Nice

Traveling and experiencing what the world has to offer is an educational experience like no other, but horror stories of rude tourists and irresponsible ones abound, leaving a bad taste in locals’ mouths and an ever worse fate for the environment. You don’t have to contribute to the bad image of tourists if only you […]

10 Quotes to Give You Courage

I am a fearful person. I didn’t realize that till some years ago when I faced what could very well be the most difficult time in my life. My marriage was in shambles, and it seemed to me that everything that I was afraid of was happening. All at once. One after the other. Before […]

The power of visualization

I’ve written several times on the Daily Mind about how I find it a constant challenge to maintain a positive outlook and keep negativity at bay. There are several tools I use in my daily quest to remain upbeat, and one of my favourites is visualization. Over the years I’ve learnt that visualization can be […]