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6 steps to a better night’s sleep

Did you know that an estimated 30 to 50% of the general population are thought to be affected by insomnia? And a further 10% are believed to have chronic insomnia? That’s a lot of sleepless people! There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning all night, desperately trying to get to sleep. And the trouble is, […]

Is your workplace making you ill?

As I write this blog post I can feel my neck and back aching from sitting at a desk all day. I’ve also got a touch of eye strain and I think my knees are a bit locked up. What a mess I must sound! But my discomfort has inspired this blog post, which asks […]

Boost your mind, body and spirit

Sometimes the pressures of life can take their toll on our minds and bodies, leaving us exhausted, depressed and lacking in energy. Here’s how to give your mind, body and spirit a lift. Mind Make sure you start every day on a positive note. Instead of reading the papers or watching the news which, let’s […]

Is there a link between our emotions and physical pain?

When we think about pain, it is generally to do with the physical causes – such as an injury caused through a fall, or a headache caused by staring at a computer for too long. But how often do we consider the fact that there could be an emotional reason for our ailments? There is […]

How to use the power of positive affirmations

Since recently coming back from my travels around south east Asia, I’ve been feeling a bit unfocused and unsure of what the future holds. In order to tackle this, I’ve started practising positive affirmations; something I’ve always found useful in focusing my mind and combating any negative thoughts that creep in. So, for this blog […]

How to fight fatigue naturally

Every day you can guarantee that around 3pm my eyes will start to droop and I’ll struggle to stay awake at my desk – that’s when the dreaded afternoon slump kicks in. It’s so tempting to reach for a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar, but these can play havoc with the body’s blood […]

Treating Yourself with Care: 5 Ways to Rejuvenate

There’s much more to taking care of your health than meets the eye, literally. Of course, it’s important to maintain physical health, but what many people don’t realize is that caring for your mental and emotional health is just as vital to your well-being. What’s more, issues with your mental and/or emotional health can extend […]

Meditation for Pain: How Meditating Can Reduce Pain More Than Drugs

photo credit: Ingrid Sørensen Have you ever had a chronic injury or illness that caused you a lot of pain no matter what you tried? It can be quite horrible. But did you know that science is now finding that meditation can help reduce pain just as much as pain killers? Fascinating isn’t it? In […]

Health Secrets: What Secrets for a Healthy Body and Mind Do You Know?

photo credit: jfdervin For over ten years now I have suffered from a painful chest injury. It happened during martial arts training; a stray elbow landed right on my sternum. I tried everything to diagnose and fix it – X-rays, scans, acupuncture, physiotherapy, Chinese herbs – and nothing worked. Until a friend told me to […]

Why Exercise is NOT the Key to Losing Weight

photo credit: John Steven Fernandez Six months ago I weighed 93 kilograms (204 pounds). Today I weigh 83 (182 pounds). In just six months I have dropped a solid 10 kilograms and feel healthier than I have since high school. So how much exercise did I do to achieve that goal? Almost none. In this […]