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25 Inspiring Meditation Quotes to Help You Find Your Balance

Many people perceive meditation as sitting down in a cross-legged position with arms on your knees – you know the picture. Then there’s the chanting that usually accompanies the practice. In reality, there are many ways we can meditate. There is truth in the stereotype, but the scope and depth is much more. If you’re […]

How to Meditate at Work

The benefits of meditation have long ago been established, so we don’t really need to go through that again. We can even say that the idea that there is a need for meditation is widely accepted, especially since there are different ways to meditate. Resource: Meditation Books The question now is how do you find […]

5 More Meditation Books to Deal With Real Life Issues

Meditation comes in different shapes and sizes, but the goal is the same: to find stillness and peace, balance and center, and have an overall feeling of wellness. Meditation is second nature to some people, but for others, a clear introduction to the practice and guidance in execution  is necessary, hence the article I wrote some […]

5 Best Meditation Books for Beginners

A while back, we talked about guided meditation and how it can help you, especially if you don’t find it easy to control your mind – which is normal when you start practicing. We also shared some apps designed to ease you into regular meditation. Today, let’s look at some books that you can read to […]

15 Quotes About Meditation

We all know that meditation is good for the health – physical and mental. This sweeping statement is backed by both anecdotal and scientific evidence. Sometimes, though, we just need some simple words of wisdom to help encourage meditation. Here are some of the best meditation quotes that will not only urge you to meditate […]

4 Guided Meditation Apps to Help You Get Started

In my last post, I talked about guided meditation and how it can benefit you. I also promised to share some guided meditation apps that will help you get started. Meditation is not an easy thing, and some people really can’t get the hang of it. To be honest, I cannot do it alone for […]

What Guided Meditation Is and Its Benefits

Meditation is a popular practice in many parts of the world today, but its origins date back to approximately 5,000 to 3,500 BCE when archeologists discovered signs of meditation in wall art. Indian scriptures, as early as 3,000 years ago, highlight meditation techniques, and as time passed, other religions and sects developed their versions of meditation. […]

Using Meditation and Mindfulness to Deal With the Aftermath of Divorce

With divorce comes the inevitable jumble of emotions that you can’t seem to sort out. From the moment the topic of divorce is brought up, the emotions start raging. When you and your spouse start the process with a divorce lawyer – and all throughout the proceedings – everything will even become more tangled; and […]

7 European Retreats to Visit This Summer – and Beyond

The benefits of meditation have long been established. For example, more than having a calming and stabilizing effect, it can also help in managing pain. While meditating on a regular basis is the best thing to do, there is an added benefit to setting aside a specific, extended period where you can really focus on […]

The power of visualization

I’ve written several times on the Daily Mind about how I find it a constant challenge to maintain a positive outlook and keep negativity at bay. There are several tools I use in my daily quest to remain upbeat, and one of my favourites is visualization. Over the years I’ve learnt that visualization can be […]