Writer’s Block: How to Solve Writer’s Block at Work

This morning I had a massive case of writer’s block and a close friend suggested I write an article about it. Over the years I have developed a few simple techniques for overcoming writers block – here are a few. What exactly is writer’s block? If you take a look at the Wiki page on […]

10 of the Best Things to Do on the Bus When Going to Work

photo credit: photonooner Riding the bus used to be my favorite time of the day. I drive a car now due to distance but in the old days I would spend at least an hour on a bus everyday. It was during this time that I got a lot of my deep thinking done. Here […]

Avoiding Distraction: 10 Ways to Stay Focused at Work

I write this article sitting in a busy internet cafe. I am struggling to stay focused with all the distractions going on around me. Television blaring, music on the radio, beautiful women and all the distractions (Facebook) that are on the net itself. So how can we avoid distraction and stay focused at work? 10 […]

How to Get More Work Done Without Working More

photo louder The key to getting more work done is not to work longer hours. It is to work efficiently with the time you are given. If you feel like you don’t get enough done during your work day then this post is for you. To get more work done you MUST: 1. Look at […]