Ethical Dilemma #2 – Would You Tell Her?

Creative Commons License photo credit: RubyPanther

Two weeks ago I asked the readers of The Daily Mind whether they would give a poor family money if they also had to give money to a drug dealer. You can see the great conversation (and debate) that ensued by clicking here.

This week I have another question that I would like to ask you all. I really enjoyed reading your responses last time and it gave me much joy to see how many intelligent, compassionate and thoughtful people were reading this blog. Here is this weeks Ethical Dilemma:

Your best friend has just told you that he is cheating on his fiancee. Both he and his fiancee have been friends of yours since high school. You are angry at your best friend for what he is doing and want to tell his fiancee but at the same time you promised him you wouldn’t. Would you tell her? Why? Why not?

I am really interested to see what you have to say with this one as relationship issues such as this can evoke some really strong emotions/memories in people. Please feel free to share any point of view that you have – I want to hear all the angles.

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