The 6 Coolest Offices in the World

I always love to take a look at how other people work. Perhaps I am a bit voyeuristic but I love seeing some cool workplaces.

The 6 coolest offices in the world

Here are six offices that I reckon are the coolest in the world. Each one of them has something unique about it.

1. The Oval Office

The Oval Office

I love the Oval Office because it symbolizes so much for the people of America and the world. I am also quite sure there would be a lot of cool tunnels and secret doors in there which I would love to explore.

2. Shoemoney’s Office

Shoemoney's Office

In case you don’t know him, Shoemoney is an internet mogul who is rich as hell. He recently showed his readers his new office which is complete with a few nice computer screens, a nice wooden desk and a bloody massive TV with an Xbox hooked up. Awesome. The great thing about Shoemoney is that he hasn’t forgotten who he is. He is extremely helpful to everyone who meets him and is known as being a bit of a nice guy.

3. Al Gore’s Office

Al Gore's Office

Okay so this office might not be the coolest in the world in terms of looks but it has one redeeming quality; it is saving the world. It is here that Al Gore does his work for the environment and no doubt all those papers are studies and other facts that he will use to help curb global warming.

I have a question though – are all those screens saving power?

4. Open Space

Open Space Office

I have no idea where this office is but I love it. I love space and these open windows make you feel like you are a part of the view. Obviously this is the office of some high powered executive.

5. Euschwanstein Castle Office Germany

Castle Office in Germany
Photo credit.

Imagine working in a castle. Imagine having an office that is bigger than your entire house. Imagine being able to kick a football in your office and not being able to hit the roof. I’m pretty sure a few of history’s royals would have been able to do that. Here is one I love in Germany.

6. Google

Google Office
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Working at Google is a pretty sweet deal. Rumor has it that you can spend a lot of your time on your own projects and you can bring in a lot of toys and gadgets from home! I love the organic and spontaneous feel of this office. Working in a comfortable place like this would really make work seem less like work.

What do you like in an office

So now I’d love to hear from you what you like in an office. Do you like a big open office like the kings of old or do you like a modern office like you might find at Google?

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