Here are some answers to the most common questions that people ask me.

Q: Who is The Daily Minder?
A: I am a nobody – just someone who has spent a long time studying Eastern Philosophy with a focus on Buddhism and meditation. If you want to know a little bit more why not check out this page?

Q: What is The Daily Mind about?
A: The Daily Mind is a blog that regularly updates with articles on how to make the daily grind more meaningful. The focus is on meditation and using your daily circumstances to better yourself and benefit the people around you. The articles are usually based around my own experiences and as such are very personal and open.

The Daily Mind is also a place to come for laughs and inspiration. I often post videos, photos and stories that will help keep you inspired and progressing along your spiritual path. There is also a great community of like minded people who comment and discuss each post.

Q: Can I leave comments on your posts?
A: Absolutely! I love getting comments. Quite often the comments are far more enlightening than the article itself. Please leave as many comments as you like because you never know who you might help.

Q: Can I subscribe for free to The Daily Mind?
A: Yes you can. The Daily Mind is 100% free. You can subscribe by email or by RSS. To learn more about how to subscribe take a look at this page.

Q: How can I find happiness?
A: I always get a little daunted when people ask me this. In general I advise people to relax, take it slow and when all else fails just practice compassion. The Dalai Lama says: “If you want to be happy, practice compassion. If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.” I fully agree and think that if you base your life around helping others you will find a very deep sense of happiness.

Q: Can you teach me to meditate?
A: I have written many general articles on meditation but other than that I cannot teach you how to meditate. I am not a teacher. I am still a student and as such I am not qualified at all. If you want to progress with meditation you need a personal teacher who can guide you on a one-to-one basis. This is the only way.

Q: How often do you publish articles?
A: My goal is to publish something everyday. I might not have time to create an in depth article each day but I will try to give you something (video, picture, story, etc.) each day so you have something to look at and think about.

Q: Do you accept guest posts?
A: I certainly do. I love getting guest posts because it gives my readers a new perspective – something other than my old jibber jabber! If you would like to submit a guest post please send me an email using this contact form.

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