Floods Worse than Haiti and the Boxing Day Tsunami Combined

Pakistan floods


The floods that are happening right now in Pakistan are devastating. The Secretary General of the UN said that they are a worse disaster than the Haiti earthquake and the Boxing Day Tsunami put together. And the sad thing? No one is donating.

Why is no one donating?

Government’s often only donate when they hear about massive loss of life. The death toll in the floods has not been as high as the Haiti earthquake but there are now 20 million people left homeless and without work or food. In the coming weeks and months this is going to become a very serious problem as disease spread and they plunge into winter.

One political commentator remarked that Americans don’t want to donate to Pakistanis because they think they are terrorists. I deeply hope this is not true as we are talking about regular citizens here. In fact, the horrible people involved with extremist terror groups have told the Government not to accept foreign aid – they would rather see citizens of their own country die.

Literally save a life today

I am asking all of my friends here at The Daily Mind to donate to the Red Cross Pakistan Appeal today. Something that I would like you to very carefully think about is the fact that a donation of as little as a $20 bill can save a life in this situation. The Red Cross work directly in the country during these times and your donation will go towards food, medicine and helping families find shelter.

They literally have nothing left. Please donate something right now, even if it means we don’t get to go out on Friday night this week. It is too important.

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