17 Ways to Wake Up Feeling Fresh in the Morning

Okay so we know that waking up and doing things in the morning is the best way to achieve our goals in life. We can exercise, study, work, meditate, etc. much better than other times in the day. However, most of us feel pretty crap in the morning.

So what can we do about it? How can we wake up ready for work?

Ways to wake up feeling fresh in the morning

Here are some things you can do in the short term and the long term so that you will wake up fresh and energetic in the morning. I’ve divided them up into three sections; (1) the night before and (2) during the night and (3) the morning.

The Night Before

1. Avoid coffee, red wine and chocolate the night before
To wake up fresh you need to get a good sleep and one of the best ways to ruin a good sleep is to upset your gut. You really need to keep it happy during the night.

Coffee, red wine and chocolate have been scientifically shown to disturb your sleep more than any other food. They upset your intestines in such a way that you will wake up constantly or have a very light sleep that doesn’t re charge you at all. Try not to have these things after lunch time.

2. Go to bed happy with your partner
One of the best ways to get a terrible sleep is to go to bed before you solve a problem with your partner. In my relationship I never let the sun set on an argument, even if I have to compromise a little bit on my own ego.

Before you go to bed make sure your partner is happy (as much as you can) and make sure that you are happy with them. It is also one of the best things you can do for your relationship, let alone your sleep.

3. Meditate, pray and calm down before going to bed
Every night before I go to bed I do about 30 minutes to an hour of meditation. This is amazing as it allows you to throw out all the days worries and forget about the worries of tomorrow. The future cannot be changed while you are asleep and the past is gone so there is no point losing sleep over it! Let it go.

Meditate or pray or do whatever you do. Simply sitting there and watching your breath is a great way to prepare yourself for a nice deep sleep. Check out this post if you want to learn to do a quick little stress relieving meditation.

4. Don’t eat dinner right before bed
A lot of people run home after work, cook up some dinner and then eat it and go to bed. This is a bad idea. The process of digestion takes a while and you do not want to be laying down right after you ate a big meal. Try and leave a few hours in between your bedtime and your dinner and see how you feel the next day.

5. Organize your room according to Feng Shui principles
I know a lot of you probably think that Feng Shui is a load of bull but just give me a second to convince you that it actually has some “western logic” behind it.

For those of you who don’t know Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of setting up your home in a way that balances the energies and vibes by putting furniture in certain “hot spots”.

The bedroom is particularly important and I have found that since I arranged my room according to Feng Shui principles I have had a much more “rested” sleep. In particular the placement of your bed is important. Feng Shui tells us that you should sleep where you can see the door but not be in he direct path of the door opening. This helps us sleep with a sense of security. I can see the practical reason for this. You can get some more bedroom Feng Shui tips here.

6. Go to the toilet
Even if you do not need to go to the toilet before bed you should still have a go and squeeze out whatever you can. The reason for this is that the kidneys will continue to work during the night and by the morning your bladder will be nice and full. If your bladder fills up early you might feel the need to go during the night and this cuts out valuable time from your sleep.

You might think that sleeping is about the total time spent asleep but this is incorrect. It is important to stay asleep without breaking it because it takes some hours to get into the “zone” where you are truly at rest. A toilet break interrupts this zone.

During the Night

7. Not too hot, not too cold
Another sleep related tip: your sleep is greatly affected by the how hot or cold you are during the night. It is important to get a good balance as this keep your energies calm and stops them from spiking.

Try and find a balance between clothes and bed covers. For example, I like to sleep without any clothes but with a heavy blanket. This keeps my temperature pretty consistent.

8. Keep the window open
One of the best things you can do for your health in general and your sleep in specific is to keep your window slightly open during the night. This has two benefits.

Creative Commons License photo credit: volvidejapon

Firstly, the gap in the window will allow poisonous carbon dioxide to float away. The reason the human body breathes out is because carbon dioxide is poisonous. And during the night you take a heck of a lot of breaths and your room fills up with this gas. Let it out the window.

The second reason is that you need to allow new oxygen to float in. This might also help you regulate the temperature of the room.

9. Keep your sleep consistent
People think that you MUST have eight hours sleep to get enough.

Not true.

It is more important to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time everyday. Not everyone needs eight hours. In fact, if I get eight hours sleep I usually feel tired and groggy for the entire day. Six to seven hours is about right for me.

Start by setting your bedtime at the same time each night. Forget what is on the television and just go to bed at say 11pm each night. After a while start setting your alarm for the same time each day; even on weekends. If you don’t start waking up fresher and happier each morning I will write you a personal apology.

10. Cut out noise, it’s actually killing you!
I recently read in New Scientist Magazine that your life is actually being shortened by noise during the night. Yep, that’s right… that screaming police car or roaring traffic is actually killing you! The magazine said that the noise has an effect on your heart and waking up many times during the night puts your body under a lot of stress.

Try and keep your room quiet by wearing some earplugs. You can get earplugs that only cancel out certain sounds so that you can still hear your alarm or a baby monitor on your bedside table.

The Morning

11. Drink a glass of water
A cool glass of water on an empty stomach actually has a lot of health benefits as well as serving to wake you up. The water will kick start your metabolism and as such you will wake up faster and feel more alert.

12. Exercise
When you are groggy in the morning and nice run in the fresh air can wake you up fast. However, the interesting thing is that when you exercise in the morning you will actually have more energy the NEXT day. The more you exercise the more energy you will have as you become fitter and healthier.

If you need some tips to get up and exercise early check out this post on early morning exercise hacks.

13. Don’t drink coffee… everyday
Science is now showing that our body becomes accustomed to the caffeine in our coffee and we have less of a reaction to it. This means that your daily cup of coffee is waking you up less and less every day that you drink it.

A better idea is to save the morning coffee for when you are really tired and need a little bit of help. Perhaps if you had to stay out late or get up extra early and you have disturbed your regular sleeping habit. This is the time to have a cup of coffee.

14. Breathe deeply
The first thing you should do in the morning is take some deep breaths into your stomach and concentrate on waking up. Imagine breathing in a bright white light that makes your body feel happy and light.

15. Have something to be excited about
If you get up and go to a job you hate to work with a boss that drives you crazy you are not going to really enjoy waking up. However, if you have something you enjoy to go to you will be more likely to wake up happy knowing you have a bit of joy coming your way.

If you can’t leave your terrible boss then you should make time in the morning to do some sport or activity that makes you happy. Start your day with something happy and fun as opposed to starting it with work.

16. Get up straight away
When I was in the Himalayas a buddhist master told me that one of the best things you can do to wake up early and feel alert and fresh is to get up straight away. As soon as your alarm goes off you should get up without snoozing it over and over again.

He said to me half jokingly: “You have to get up before your self cherishing does”.

17. Be grateful for not dying
The Buddha said that every time you go to bed you should consider that you won’t wake up. That way, when you wake up you will be especially grateful for the day you have ahead of you. Instead of seeing the day as a burden that you have to “get through” you will see it as an opportunity to do something meaningful and beneficial.

Why? Because you could die tonight.

When applied correctly this realization will bring you tremendous energy.

Conclusion on waking up freshly

Each of these tips works. I have tried it on myself and my friends. And the great thing is that the more of these tips you apply the fresher you will feel when you wake up. Try them yourself.

Do you have any other to add? I’d love to hear them!

Top photo:Creative Commons License photoeyeliam

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Comment by Stacey Derbinshire
2008-03-17 03:56:19

I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Stacey Derbinshire

Comment by Branding it hard
2008-03-17 04:16:57

I find that keeping the window open really helps the most. I love the cool air as I drift off into la la land!

Make sure you get a fly screen though or you’ll be full of mossies!!


Comment by Sleep deprived idiot
2008-03-17 04:19:10

Man this post is exactly what I need. I talked to my doctor about lack of sleep and all he did was put me on sleeping pills and told me to relax. Your suggestions are much more practical and doable.

Thank you. I’ll let you know how it goes….

Comment by Jane
2008-03-17 04:20:16

Hey TDM.

Great post! Keep up the good work.

I find that if I cut out TV and computer before bed my mind is calmer and I sleep better and wake up fresher. Thats my tip.


Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-03-17 04:24:15

Stacey – thanks for adding us. Feel free to tell your friends!!

BIH – Thanks for the tips. We get heaps of mossies down here because we live next to a lake! Fly screen is a must.

Sleep deprived idiot – I really hope this stuff helps you. Sleeplessness sucks! Good luck. And please do let us know how it goes.

Jane – Nice tip Jane! Thanks for commenting again.


Comment by Tom
2008-03-17 12:01:26

Carbon dioxide poisonous? That’s a new theory. Sure you didn’t mean carbon monoxide? If you did that’s irrelevant to your article.

Comment by Slightly Sleepy.
2010-10-10 22:58:53

In large enough amounts, it is poisonous. it prevents the uptake of oxygen, and suffocates you. =/

Comment by NewAgeDreamer
2008-03-17 12:06:05

“Pray”? “Be grateful for not dying”? “Organize your room according to Feng Shui principles”? I’m sold. You won’t hear me as a scientist argue with you, ms. New Age.

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-03-17 12:21:56

Tom – Carbon dioxide is not good for the body, that’s why we breathe it out. Maybe saying “poison” is too far but the effect it has on the cells is not good. While the amount that builds up in your room over night is not enough to do any serious damage I firmly believe that ventilation is important. Fresh air is better than air you have already breathed.

New Age Dreamer – Don’t knock it til you tried it buddy! :)

As a scientist you should know the effect that meditation has on the mind and body. Clinical studies support this fact. Studies being done with HH the Dalai Lama in the USA (some at Johns Hopkins) are showing that buddhism’s knowledge of the mind far exceeds western science at this point. I can find at least ten quotes from leading experts if you like that support this fact. So how can you, as a scientist, knock the idea that meditation might help sleep?

As a scientist you should also be keeping an open mind. Am I wrong?

If you had all the answers why’d ya read the post?

Love it!


Comment by Ellen
2010-07-01 14:13:27

The Daily Minder, our scientist friend didn’t say anything about meditation not being helpful. It was about feng shui, praying, and being grateful for not dying.

New Agey people abuse science to push their ideas.

Comment by Lakhvir SINGH
2008-03-17 14:58:36

maybe this will help knock the socks off my silly lingering depression that has chewed a chunk out of my happy days! i believe this will help. thanks for your hard work in pointing out the right things to do.

Comment by RateMyLeftArm.com
2008-03-17 17:34:55

I like to smoke a good doobie, just before bed. I find it relaxes me.

Comment by LeAnne
2008-03-17 23:48:48

I loved reading this. It all makes complete sense to. I have always slept with the window open, but I find it hard to go to sleep at night, but am easy at getting up in the morning, otherwise my daughter will be late for school. I am definitely going to try these tips.

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-03-18 01:18:08

Lakhvir – Good luck mate; I hope it helps.

Rate – Not sure about that one! lol

LeAnne – Let us know how it goes. Glad you liked it!


Comment by Dave
2008-03-18 06:33:50

Great post. I think your point number two is very important although they all make good sense… however I think it’s good to just have a “blow-out” now and then to bring some variation into my life

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-03-18 07:37:40

Thanks Dave. I agree – the occasional late night is a good idea.


Comment by Lynda
2008-03-19 15:16:02

What many people don’t realize is that the position of their bed may also be hindering a good night’s sleep. According to Feng Shui, you want to be able to see the door when you are lying down, helping to protect you from energetic ‘surprises’ that can keep you from resting.

You can learn more ways to create a sanctuary in your bedroom that promotes a good night’s sleep every night at http://www.ArtOfPlacement.com.

Comment by Super Mike
2008-03-19 16:56:20

I think waking up to the sound of birds outside a window on a limb, and some dim light coming in but not shining directly on your face — that makes a huge difference in how you feel.

Comment by Jose
2008-03-19 21:44:17

I like no.17, being grateful for not dying overnight. It really puts things in perspective when you think about it that way!

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-03-19 22:04:59

Super Mike – That sounds really nice! I’ll have to plant some trees by my window.

Jose – It really is a wonderful lesson that one. Hope it helps.


Comment by Brett
2008-03-22 03:14:51

The fresh air makes a huge difference! DEEP sleep.

Comment by ConsiderThis
2008-03-22 03:49:16

One thing that I find SERIOUSLY missing from your very good blog, is a discussion of vitamin B12 and how if someone is low in B12 they may suffer from insomnia as well as peripheral neuropathy and memory loss.

I took 30mg Dalmain for years in order to sleep.

After I had B12 replacement therapy and began taking the smallest dose of melatonin available I began sleeping normally. And, LOVING it!

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-03-23 07:20:07

Brett – Sure does!

Consider This – That is a really good idea mate. I think I’m gonna look into that!


Comment by daily thinker
2008-03-28 02:03:40

thanks so much for these tips, very helpful but I would like to add that what also helps me is having a nice hot shower before bed, relaxes my muscles and also my mind ^_^

make sure you put lotion on after though, don’t want dry skin >.<

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-03-28 02:44:21

Daily Thinker – Another excellent tip I hadn’t thought of. I often have a hot shower after the gym right before bed – exercise + hot shower = solid sleep!



Comment by dadshouse
2008-03-28 22:35:21

Another tip: when you wake up, think of something you are happy and grateful for, and really feel it. You’ll start your day refreshed.

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-03-29 00:14:47

Dadshouse – That is the way! That sets the mood for the whole day and turns it into something beneficial as opposed to something you have to “get through”.

Thanks for the comment.


Comment by Scott
2008-03-29 04:16:33

I’m about to go to bed and I’ve just re-opened my window I closed only moments ago after “Stumble!ing” onto your article.

I’ve found the longest, deepest sleeps I’ve ever had were at my dad’s old house. My room was in the roof and I had black out blinds. When down the room would be pitch black. You couldn’t see your own hand one inch from your face. I’ll admit it was a bit disorrentating waking up in darkness. After one of the best sleeps of your life to find out that it is in fact 2pm and it’s bright and sunny outside, when moments ago you awoke in a pitch black room. I do wish I had them again.

I’m going to make the effort to try and get up before I snooze for over an hour each morning. Yes, thats right, I snooze soooo long that I need a back up alarm set in case I fall asleep again. Plus I usually feel more awake when I first awaken then after my extra snooze hour.

And whoever said exercise and a hot shower. Number one winning combination for an amazing sleep. Add in what you’ve said above and I’m guessing I’d sleep for days. :oD

Anyway it’s gone 4 so it’s time for bed. Goodnight. Scott

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-03-29 05:04:30

Scott that is an awesome comment! That room at your dad’s sounds sweet.

Snoozing really isn’t a good idea.

Come back and let us know how you go after not snoozing for so long. My bet is you’ll feel better at the end of the day.


Comment by BassPlayer
2008-03-29 06:36:59

I find that taking a short, warm-lukewarm shower in the morning before you start the day refreshes the mind and basically creates a clean mind for the day ahead.

Comment by Violet
2008-04-01 01:14:26

This is a GREAT post! Such helpful tips, I’m going to try some of these (Sometimes I feel like a complete zombie in the mornings). I’ve also found it helpful to time my sleep cycle by 1.5 hours. 1.5 hours = one sleep cycle. If you can get a couple of these uninterrupted, then you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed. I’ve heard 4 cycles (6 hours) is a good amount.

Comment by ManicInsomniac
2008-04-03 01:32:46

There are a few great tips here that I haven’t tried and a few that I have that do work wonders!
I have bipolar disorder so during a manic phase which can last up to 2 weeks I suffer from dramatic insomnia!
My doctor prescribed sleeping pills but before resorting to those, I like trying a hot bath/jaccuzzi/sauna before bed-that’s a surefire way to knock me out!
Another good tip is to refrain from afternoon naps during the day and do some type of physical activity daily so that by evening you are wiped and will sleep deep and wake refreshed.

In my particular case, I do benefit from occasionally smoking a little *recreational-use* marijuana before bed if I am in a totally restless manic phase, but it is NOT medically prescribed to me. (This does leave me feeling groggy the next morning-so it’s just a tip for those that are suffering from anxiety or can’t calm their mind before bed and at their wits end!)

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-04-03 01:41:34

Hi Manic.

Thanks for the huge comment! A bath sounds nice.

As for the dope – isn’t that supposed to be dangerous for people who suffer from your condition? I’d be interested to know.

Thanks for stopping by.


Comment by Debbie Lane
2008-04-04 03:31:50

I often think about all that I am grateful for in my life as I get ready to go to sleep. This helps me dream of positive things and therefore sleep more peacefully. If I have a concern, I first think of those reasons for gratitude, then apply that emotion to the possibility of a resolution to the issue. Often I will dream the solution and awaken feeling better!

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-04-04 06:59:21

Debbie it sounds like you have a very clear mind to be able to do that! Congrats.


Comment by LackofSleeper
2008-04-04 14:09:01

what about taking an anti-inflamatory (ibuprofen) b4 going to bed? i find it sometimes relaxes me.
and drinking a glass of water b4 bed? would that help?
and napping in the afternoon or late afternoon?
i’m talking anywhere from 1/2 hour to 2hours.
sometimes i feel like this makes me too awake during the night but at the same time i just can’t stay awake because i’ll be so tired from not sleeping at night.
let me know!

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-04-04 23:25:52

Hi Lackofsleeper –

I think drinking water before bed is not a great idea because you will usually wake up during the night to go to the toilet.

Don’t nap too much or you won’t be tired.


Comment by shakin23
2008-04-06 10:09:34

cold shower :)

Comment by Tobias
2008-04-06 21:07:28


I would like to add that a dark room might also help you to obtain a good, deep sleep.

I just stumbled in. Fortunately I don’t have a lot of trouble sleeping.

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-04-12 07:55:06

Shakin – really? Are you sure? lol

Tobias – Someone else mentioned a dark room. I reckon you are spot on – it is essential.


Comment by Herbalife
2008-04-13 05:14:47

I hope I can get a good nights sleep after reading this informative article. I totally agree with having something to look forward to helps you sleep better.

Comment by sleepy
2008-04-24 19:52:47

Sleeping with the window open? I don’t know where you guys live but i’m pretty sure my little student house would get broken into!

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-05-28 00:15:10

Yeah perhaps sleeping with a window open isn’t a good idea in every city!

Thanks for all the support with this post guys – it’s gone really well and I think we’ve helped a lot of people.


Comment by Dan Storey
2008-06-09 23:37:30

Some great ideas… thanks! I often get asked how I have so much energy and can honestly say that the techniques you have described above work! I hope people take note and make the changes required! Keep up the excellent work!

Comment by Herbalife
2008-08-22 23:48:28

I would like to add that a dark room might also help you to obtain a good, deep sleep. Taking a few deep breaths and relaxing from head to toes helps.

Comment by Leslie
2008-09-04 18:04:49

I also think meditating while lying down does wonders. I read in a book recently that visualizing a tree with its root growing out of the earth is a great metaphor for relaxing you.

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-10-02 05:34:02

Thanks guys! Leslie – I really like that one about the tree.

Comment by John
2008-10-16 10:09:44

Great post. I always had troubles getting up right away. Now I just place my alarm clock out of reach: I have to get out of bed to turn it off. And when I am out of bed, it is easier to start your morning routine.

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-10-16 13:55:01

Awesome John! I am glad that one worked for you.

Comment by Cade
2008-10-16 16:53:08

I’ve actually read that one should never exercise in the first hour of waking because it’s bad for the spine and joints. Here’s the reason I remember: when sleeping your spine gets more blood in it, as well as most of your joints. If you exert too much pressure on these areas before they return to normal, it can actually damage the joints and spine.

What I suggest is getting up, drinking that glass of water, eating a meal, then once it’s digested, go for a little jog. That way you’re rehydrated, full and have kick-started your metabolism by eating, and are ready to take on the day.

Comment by The Daily Minder
2008-10-16 22:46:59

That is really interesting Cade. I’m going to look in to this further.


Comment by Michael
2008-11-03 21:43:32

I have to disagree about chocolate. I keep a couple of small chocolate mints on my bedside table. If I happen to awake in the night and have trouble going back to sleep, I flip one of those chocolates in my mouth. Within moments, I´m back sleeping like a baby. Works every time.

Comment by Levitra
2008-12-11 19:27:55

Going to bed with your partner is always the best. Waking up and seeing the other person in your arms smiling with you in theirs is the ultimate way to wake up happy.

Comment by Ash
2009-08-24 11:39:11

Thanks for your gr8 tips.I always had the problem but now no more.I have been practsing for month and now i am adapted to it. Thanks a lot>>>

Comment by Susan
2009-08-28 13:56:23

I like all this. My usual caffine intake is Tea. I normally drink around lunch time though. The only day that I have to fight going to bed at a normal time when I get tired is Thursdays for the next nine weeks so far. That is because I go to school online and that day I have an online Seminar at 9pm CST. Question is, how long before bed should we wait after eating supper? I also have to take Dilantin every night before bed. I wind up getting up to use the bathroom to let out the water I drink with the meds. They make me sleepy. Around what time should I take those to where I don’t have to get up? The bedroom part has to wait until we get a house. Our bed is in the “livingroom”. No matter how we put the bed, we can see the door. How can I meditate and make my mind relaxed? Some how it is working 24/7.

2009-09-04 14:22:21

i never seem to get enough sleep. there just aren’t enough hours in the day! my philosophy is that if everyone slowed down at the same time then we would all be happier people!

Comment by Nea
2009-09-09 05:19:55

Using the bathroom before bed is crucial for people that drink a lot of beverages. It’s important to prevent any breaks in your sleep cycle.

Comment by Joshua Haynes
2009-12-02 17:19:01

jeez, don’t be so obvious about your psuedo-eastern style tips. You people are very, very annoying. You probably blindly follow the ‘green’ movement scam, trumped up by Gore and his slick salesmen.

Put down the frappachino, stop reading books about new age, eastern crap, solely designed to put money in somebody’s pocket and go learn something useful.

Breathing in white lights? LOL.

Comment by madeline stamm
2010-01-13 02:17:46

Thanks This was very Helpfull I apreciate it much :) because IM abosulty impossible to get myself up in the morning

Comment by dj philly
2010-02-10 03:58:04

thank you very much person i dont know.

Comment by Janae
2010-02-16 04:36:01

Loved this post… I’m not an early bird, myself, so getting up when that abnoxious beeping alarms is definitely an obstacle for me. The only thing I can think of that you may have missed throughout this blog, is… TURN THE LIGHTS ON. Sometimes I find that if I only turn a low light on, I still feel like I’m in relax mode… which doesn’t help. Brighter lights help me wake up!

Comment by Brian
2010-02-25 23:19:26

Interesting post! Sleep is so important, especially in these highly stressful times. I will use the information in my clinical work.

Comment by Noxx
2010-03-28 04:08:33

Pfft, I must laugh… Pray/meditate before going to bed.. Come on, get real suckers

Comment by Argirios
2010-04-22 03:42:11

I tried the number 16 and it works perfect! Very nice tutorial!

Comment by Steven Hunter
2010-05-01 05:40:04

I think everything you have said is complete tosh, I have been on holiday in Goa for a month, with my family, we would go out every evening for dinner, mainly beautiful curries drink wine , beer and go to bed at the end of the eveining fairly stuffed, but happy! In the morning I woke up fresh, clear head and raring to go.
Back home in London, I get back to my normal routine, eat a good meal around 6 no wine or beer (work in the morning) and bed about 1030! Wake up in the morning feeling like s**t, stuffed up nose, dry throat,just rotten really, at least for about an hour.
So I didn’t consider any of those things you have advised, in Goa, and I won’t consider them back home, what I’ll do, is move to a less polluted part of the world, and I guarantee that will sort me out. Meditate!? Pray!? Ha Ha Ha

Comment by Z-Dawg
2010-06-13 14:25:55

Wow this really helpped. THanks, dawgg. Like, yo those tips rocked! instead of sleepin inn till 2 pm, i only slept unttil 1:59pm. serously yo, thank ya

Comment by sadie
2010-06-14 08:52:52

This really helped, i never knew i was doing so much to harm my body, when i wake up im still soo tierd and i always want to go back to sleep but tonight i will try this! (even as you said missing my fave programme lol)
Thnx so much you are clever lol!!
Have a Nice Day (and sleep lol)
Sadie xx
P.s don’t listen to them horrible commenters!

Comment by Aleksandar
2010-06-16 21:49:00

I would also suggest waking up every day at the same time, it is actually the best method to schedule your body. For ex. if you wake up every day at 7am, one night you go to sleep at 1am, the next day you ll be so tired, that you will go to bed earlier. In a very short time you will get great results. If you think of it, when you went to school you always woke at the same time, and it worked.

Great post.It does help a lot!

Comment by insomniac
2010-07-27 08:37:45

Great post! I just saw this in my inbox a few minutes ago, and I feel A LOT better after reading it. I was kind of nervous because I start a new job tomorrow and I think this will help me heaps since I’ve been having really bad sleeping patterns for the past few months. Just wanted to say thanks :D

Comment by jensen
2010-07-27 23:21:22

I can’t seem to find any thing regarding the note at the top of this post:

**This is part of our ongoing tribute to The Daily Minder, publishing his most popular posts of all time.**

doesn’t sound good :(

Comment by Hazman
2010-07-28 01:49:34

Great Post, the best way to feel fresh in the morning is a nice cold shower, and a really big dump in the toilet! lool..it may sound funny…but it is so true, another thing to do for waking up would be, to think positive instantly, and think of all the things you can do today, and become more pro active, this will help the mind become stronger, and at the same time you will get a lot done.

Comment by jonathanfigaro
2010-07-29 01:59:16

I think drinking water before bed is great. But if you overdoes on the H2o, your body may send you into a wet dream where you have to run into the bathroom, to release your intake.

A quick tip for you guys reading is to, go to bed thinking of good thoughts only. It a great way to end the night and start the next morning happy, refilled(h2o example),and refreshed.

Peace, Ya’ll

Comment by Charlie
2010-07-29 03:43:05

Jensen- The Daily Mind was sold some time ago to our company- Splashpress Media: http://www.splashpress.com/2009/splashpress-acquires-the-daily-mind/ and we were very happy that “The Daily Minder” continued to stay on and write at this blog for over a year. Sadly, for personal reasons, he stopped at the end of May and we have since been looking for a suitable replacement. It shouldn’t be long now and apologies to you and all the readers for the gap in fresh content. I’ve changed that note in these “top posts” we’re republishing in the meantime- to avoid confusion.

Thanks for your patience and trust me when I say we do intend to carry this unique and valuable online resource forward with pride and effort.

Comment by Laura
2010-08-12 00:03:48

It’s true at the end about not waking up the next day. A few weeks ago my friend died in his sleep, he went to sleep and never woke up the day, he was only 15 years old. His name was Lewis Barry from Leeds and he was such a nice person, not bad at all. It’s heartbreaking for me :( never take your life for granted, ever! :(

Comment by Naila
2010-09-11 02:36:01

I have chronic insomnia ever since i started my forensic program in college a year ago. Whats really weird is ill fall asleep easily enough at 11 or 12 but around 3 – 3:30am ill wake up and that’d be that for the rest of the night, i seem to sleep for a hour more on my couch. Dunno if its the program if its my job or if its my mind thats screwed.
Im done with sleeping pills, its stressing me out its making me forgetful and its making me lose my appetite . Im half arawak so im going to try some native remedies now. Hopefully with some luck ill get atleast 5 hrs of sleep.

Comment by Theo Reyes
2010-09-17 21:19:56

I have found It helful to Do these 3 things.1Never eat at night,2.always go to sleep happy3.pull back that time you go to sleep by a couple of hours.3 would be plenty.and 4 would help you get up at night instead of morning!hoped it helped!

Comment by hitman123
2010-10-02 08:32:20

i recon to get a good nights sleep you should turn of your mobile, have a bit of a draft coming through, and have some toast and a cup of tea and a nice warm shower because i always feel a lot better in the morning!!

Comment by Vishal Patel
2010-10-04 12:10:55

I’ve also found that it greatly helps if you get rid of the negative thoughts you’ve had before you go to sleep, because your mind usually tends to ‘pick up where it left off’ when you wake up…

Comment by Vishal Patel
2010-10-04 12:13:20

….don’t drink apple juice before you sleep! It gives me nightmares!

Comment by Todd
2010-10-08 18:12:12

These tips should really help thank you!

Comment by Amy K
2010-10-15 06:56:23

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have battled with my partner about keeping the window open for the las six years as I pretty much figured fresh air is better than stale air. I find with the window (only slightly) open I can relax and drift off, however he’s somewhat convinced it makes him ill. Also as mentioned i find it regulates temperature too.

Thank you for this article it has quite a few helpful ideas I shall try to implement.

Comment by Roxii
2010-10-19 21:08:29

I like to get a little drink before bedtime… And nope I don’t need to go to toilet afterwards unless I drink 6 cups haha. Now Goodnight! <3 :) x

Comment by sonia
2010-11-01 21:10:06

i think ill have to try that to get up earlyar for school :D

Comment by Sam
2010-11-06 01:37:59

Thank you so much for this post! It really helped me, not only to wake up feeling fresh, but to get my stuff together.

Keeping the windows open at night really helps me, and I’ve started going to bed and meditating at the same time every night. I’m sick right now, so I can’t say that I’m currently refreshed, but it’s working well.

This post also inspired me to do some things I’ve been meaning to do such as wash my face every morning and night, study constantly, and clean.

I talked about this post in my very first blog entry here:

Thanks much,

Comment by manar
2010-11-10 07:48:30

sometimes it becomes out of our hand , even if we try to be happy we can’t because of our broken heart , someone we love so much but he can’t belong since he belongs to someone else please tell me in this case what i suposed to do can you give me a tip to this case please

Comment by Joe
2010-11-29 04:32:42

Yeah this really works. I’d say that about 2 hours before you go to sleep is sufficient.

Comment by kris
2010-12-09 15:16:21

nice post. this is the info iam looking for thanx

Comment by Bojan
2010-12-12 13:12:37

Most of these suggestions are pretty solid, liked your article.

I would love to read what’s the best thing to do first in the morning, I mean the very first thing. I believe I will kick in that glass of water every morning…

Comment by pinkyy
2010-12-28 15:01:59

hey its great!! especially the “the morning topic”..i like it..thought i always try it..but i cant control myself,,,n if i woke up by 4 i have to sleep again by 4:05…i am helpless…but before exmas…lol!! never,,,cant think of sleeping..but the rest of days….nly zzzzzzzzzzzz..
nywy..nice post!


Comment by kimmy
2011-01-03 08:39:31

Grab a bucket of cold water stick ur head in it for a couple seconds ALWAYS refreshes me I heard exersizing gets u tired, but good job these tips will really help me(:

Comment by Stephen (Ireland)
2011-01-20 22:04:25

I have two words…thank you.

Comment by Samuel Wayne
2011-02-07 11:38:19

Most of your points are good, but please get your facts straight before posting it for people to see.
Carbon Dioxide is not a poisenous gas, we breathe it out because it isn’t neccesary for respiration. The reason a high concentration of carbon dioxide is dangerous is because that means there is a smaller concentration of oxygen.

Samuel Wayne
PHD Physics

Comment by Bonez
2011-03-08 00:41:02

i work swing shift/graveyard 12 hour shifts in a warehouse…so sleep for me is hard to find. any ideas for how i can get enough rest? there’s gotta be someone out there like me?!?!?!
oh and i have 2 kids.
: )

Comment by Kelsey
2011-03-23 19:51:57

This article is great! I love the sleeping with the window open the best, because I get really hot in the middle of the night. this has helped me tremendously! :) keep up the good work!

Comment by natalie
2011-03-24 14:56:25

this is the most amazing fact ever

Comment by Anon
2011-03-25 03:57:55

crazy new age stuff.

Comment by owbob
2011-03-25 13:21:26

that is a great article and its not crapy

Comment by Melayahm
2011-03-26 16:26:10

All good stuff, except that in my case, number 8 is foiled by number 10 – we live on a main road that has jubbernauts rumbling down it all night. If the window is open, the noise is even worse! I don’t think I’ve ever found that coffee has a wakening effect on me, no matter what time I drink it, and I only drink one cup a day. I’m not sure if bad sleep or lack of sleep is what makes me tired all the time, I think it’s more likely my poor diet and lack of exercise!

Comment by brooke
2011-03-28 22:45:47

id love to leave a window open slightly at night but the problem is that i live only a few houses down from the fire station and the police department so sirens wake me up through the night any suggestions?

Comment by Kim
2011-04-14 07:42:47

Try biphasic sleeping for a month or so.

Some people are able to do it. Google it up. It’s pretty much just have a 90 min nap during one part of your day and then your regular sleep until you have to wake for your graveyard shift. Make sure you only nap 90 min. This equals one sleep cycle and most ppl feel refreshed and alert. Any more than that n you’ll feel very groggy.

It’s worked for me and I work 14 hour days. Takes some getting used to n isn’t for a lot of ppl but worth the try.

I find the quality of sleep much more important than the hours.

Comment by Billy Bob Thorton
2011-04-23 06:51:07

ohkay soooooo I want to go to sleep right about now and I can’t. I have tried not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven, not eight, not nine, but TEN different suggestions upon this here page. And let me tell you now this be a load of crap! I’ve been working my booty off and I don’t get appreciated and I don’t even know how to go to sleep. I shaved the cat, I licked the dog, I tickled the cow, and I embraced the goat but I STILL cannot go to sleep! It’s like I gots me some kind of disease ya know?? Well I got 55 grandchildren runnin round here and it’s been hard on me. Nobobdy likes me. Probably cuz I gots a beer gut. But I dont get no sympathy. I got my highschool sweetheart on my mind. Tonight I’m gonna get high with pigs. Oh I’m sorry I’m getting off topic. Let me just go now. Thanks for listening to my comment but nobody probably read it because like I said earlier dont nobody like me :( OH FREAKIN WELL!!!!!

Comment by Joseph
2011-04-25 22:17:30

I will try it today

Comment by Joseph
2011-04-26 09:08:56

Thanks doc keep up the good work

Comment by TOMMY
2011-05-04 06:31:56


Comment by food
2011-05-12 11:13:53

Also to get a good sleep, feel less groggy and more resfreshed, make sure you have a healthy diet. I find that some of the people around don’t eat very healthy and they are the ones who are always grumpy and have to get what they want. another tip is to just be happy for no reason and it will make everyhting else seem better.

Comment by Francis
2011-05-13 02:19:37

So am I only allowed to drink red wine in the morning? That’ll work!
Water, breathing, exercise, red wine. Am I on the right track?

Comment by Zombieeeeee
2012-05-18 01:08:09

I sleep in a basement so there isn’t I window, Its 8 and Im almost alseep right as im typing this

Comment by ian
2012-08-21 14:02:19

going to try it and let you now if it works

Comment by Steve
2012-08-22 18:46:49

It is not neccecary to leave the window open for the purpose of allowing carbon dioxide to leave. Carbon dioxide is in no way toxic, it’s just not needed in our bodies like oxygen is. Carbon dioxide is important in nature, especially for plants to grow.

Comment by Steve
2012-08-22 18:55:39

It is not neccesary to leave the your bedroom window open for the purpose of allowing carbon dioxide to leave. Carbon dioxide not toxic at all, it is just not needed in our bodies like oxygen is. In fact, carbon dioxide is important in nature, especially for plants. You will never fill your room with carbon dioxide either or run low on oxygen while sleeping either, unless your bedroom is a tiny, airtight closet.

Comment by Kayleigh Stratford
2012-08-24 15:39:58

i find this helps me as well. I am eight months pregnant and suffering from heartburn., so it’s very hard to sleep deeply.
The daily mind, thankyou so much for this great page, i hope to see more ;)

Comment by Justin jimenez
2013-05-16 14:49:05

Also, if you take showers in the morning gradually make the shower colder throughout the course of the shower, until you cant stand it anymore. This works amazingly, gets you pumped for the day and puts a big smile on your face!

Comment by lisa
2013-08-04 15:14:56

These are great except for “you could die tonight!” Actually, going to bed thinking I could die in my sleep well actually keep me awake worrying about dying. That’s really stupid advice. But the rest is good.

Comment by Steven
2013-09-17 23:53:24

This looked as though it was a promising article, until I started reading about Feng Shui. Ironic given you were reading a New Scientist article in a paragraph not long before. How to lose all credibility with your (even somewhat knowledgeable and discerning) readers; mention I need to Feng Shui up my room for a better sleep. For those of you who don’t know, Feng Shui – in English – means Wind Water, and is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing the human existence with the surrounding environment. Some of the system is practical, as in ‘well obviously that’s something I’d do because that makes sense.’ The rest is just garbage.

Comment by bryan
2013-10-01 02:03:22


Comment by Nathan
2013-10-07 13:47:24

THAT, is helpful, got any more tips?
specifically that help when you have little time in the morning

Comment by sophia
2013-10-20 05:03:38

have blackcurrent, red wine and pepsi it really shocks you try it.

Comment by Allison H
2013-11-01 10:49:25

I think some people are taking things too literally. I don’t think you meant that carbon dioxide is literally poisonous. When I don’t have my fan on the air in my room feels heavy and makes me feel like it’s almost hard to breathe. I can’t sleep like that. And then there’s the mocking of your beliefs. I think that meditation is a good way to get to sleep, I always try to do it before I fall asleep. And what a lot of people think of meditation is incorrect. Most of the time I simply focus on my breathing just to get all my thoughts out and not sit up half the night thinking about what has been happening, what it’s going to happen and everything else that’s going on in my hectic life of raising a 1yr old, going to school and working full time. It’s about taking a breather and just stopping for a few minutes. I often have trouble sleeping and have recently changed a significant amount of stuff in my life. I thought this article was helpful and am going to try some of these but what people have to remember is that it’s not a one way ticket, everybody reacts to things differently and they have to try and “fail” of sorts before they find what works for them, just like anything else.

Comment by chloe
2013-11-06 20:18:30

thank you !! im so confident in the morning and might actually beleive in Buddha now!

Comment by Sleepless
2013-11-18 07:28:12

Live in new york city thanks for all

I will try them all

Comment by isabelle
2013-11-29 01:59:06

for the advise

Comment by Daniel
2013-12-05 20:39:12

I would like to know how I can cut out the noise and keep my window open?

Comment by Camilla A
2013-12-09 13:40:25

I’m a student and since i have to wake up 5.30 at my mums house, i have alot of trouble with waking up, once i danced Just Dance before going off to school, and i would feel ready and fresh!
But i have changes along the week where i then have to go to my dads house, where i can wake up 6.30 am, will this tear me down? Because when i get to my mums house again, then i feel like absolute crap..
But i’m ready to try these out, gonna write them down! (:

Comment by mav aquino
2014-01-04 22:29:50

Hello,I just follow your tips on how to sleep well and voila I had 4 nights restfull sleep.thanks

Comment by daniel tomlinson
2014-01-20 21:33:52

Excellent post. I’m going to try some of these if not all of them at some point. Thank you.

Comment by Dee
2014-01-21 06:32:45

“might actually believe in Buddha now!”

Seriously?! Buddha (full common name; Gautama Buddha) was a real person.

Comment by Dee
2014-01-21 06:37:08

In the article it’s suggested ear plugs. The type that you an still hear alarms and such through.

Comment by Eden
2014-03-03 21:09:06

I try to do what you suggested on nightly basis but I still tend to struggle. I am 13 and I used to have depression and may have anxiety. Any other tips? Thanks! ????

Comment by Prahlad
2014-03-11 08:06:09

hi eden, i have some tips for you coz i was also suffering from the same problems.
Now you are going to start making lists that will help you identify and control the sources of stress in your life. List all the people who make you anxious — include friends, colleagues, family members, and anyone else who makes your life frustrating. In each case, think how you can either improve that relationship or, if necessary, bring it to an end. Obviously, there is a huge difference between switching coffee shops to avoid the snotty barista, and withdrawing from a relationship with a loved one. This is not a time to make hasty and consequential decisions, particularly while stress is making you feel emotionally vulnerable. But a list of this sort may help you identify relationships that would be better abandoned in the long term if your health is suffering. Make another list of sources of stress that don’t involve other people, but are instead things in your life you can change on your own. Are you keeping yourself healthy? Perhaps you want to begin exercising regularly, or would like to improve your diet? Is it time to look for a new job, either in your field or perhaps in a different area entirely? Some stress relief may come from simply taking actions that you have been considering for a long time. Your final list will take a different approach. Despite your stress, despite your anxiety, despite feeling overwhelmed right now — what are the things that make you feel good? What do you enjoy doing, what puts a smile on your face? Make a list of activities that you enjoy; perhaps you like to watch old movies, or to cook for friends, or ride a bike. List all these things, and make plans to do at least one of them this week, and every week from now on. Now that your lists are complete, refer back to them regularly. Every week or so, scan through them and give yourself a check-up — are you taking action to control the things, situations, and people that stress you out? And are you replacing those negative influences with positive and fun influences instead? You’re beginning to change your life for the better, and that’s an ongoing process. The lists are your guidebook, but it’s up to you to make the journey.

Comment by Prahlad
2014-03-11 08:09:50

hi, i have some tips for u coz i was also suffering from the same problems.I have tried it on myself. now, i am feeling free. you can also try this. this might be helpful for u.

Now you are going to start making lists that will help you identify and control the sources of stress in your life. List all the people who make you anxious — include friends, colleagues, family members, and anyone else who makes your life frustrating. In each case, think how you can either improve that relationship or, if necessary, bring it to an end. Obviously, there is a huge difference between switching coffee shops to avoid the snotty barista, and withdrawing from a relationship with a loved one. This is not a time to make hasty and consequential decisions, particularly while stress is making you feel emotionally vulnerable. But a list of this sort may help you identify relationships that would be better abandoned in the long term if your health is suffering. Make another list of sources of stress that don’t involve other people, but are instead things in your life you can change on your own. Are you keeping yourself healthy? Perhaps you want to begin exercising regularly, or would like to improve your diet? Is it time to look for a new job, either in your field or perhaps in a different area entirely? Some stress relief may come from simply taking actions that you have been considering for a long time. Your final list will take a different approach. Despite your stress, despite your anxiety, despite feeling overwhelmed right now — what are the things that make you feel good? What do you enjoy doing, what puts a smile on your face? Make a list of activities that you enjoy; perhaps you like to watch old movies, or to cook for friends, or ride a bike. List all these things, and make plans to do at least one of them this week, and every week from now on. Now that your lists are complete, refer back to them regularly. Every week or so, scan through them and give yourself a check-up — are you taking action to control the things, situations, and people that stress you out? And are you replacing those negative influences with positive and fun influences instead? You’re beginning to change your life for the better, and that’s an ongoing process. The lists are your guidebook, but it’s up to you to make the journey.

Comment by rowan
2014-04-06 14:19:50

thank you for the great advice!

Comment by Harry Styles
2014-04-23 22:56:03

Go to sleep early and wake up naturally no alarm clock even if that is at 2 in the afternoon (Only on weekends if you go to school/ work will this be useful). Good Luck

Comment by Haaish
2014-05-02 22:09:57

I could not even open my eyes until.it’s 12 hours of sleep! Any help?

Comment by Alice
2014-05-10 03:10:38

I think these tips are particularly useful, I used to suffer with mild depression and can sometimes feel quite low. I have found these tips have really helped my mental state as well as my sleeping pattern. It’s particularly helpful seeing as I have final exams coming up! Can’t say I’m convinced on the thinking about the fact you could die, for me it’s just asking to have nightmares (but I am quite an axioms person!)

Comment by Lula
2014-06-03 22:31:54

Why on earth will you say that you may die tonight crazy people

Comment by Shiniqa
2014-06-15 13:28:25

If you feel hungry during the night that’s bad. You always want a great meal at least 3 hours before you sleep. That way your not as hungry in the middle of the night. But when you do wake up to get a midnight snack, make sire you choose healthy foods in a small amount. Remember that your taking up precious sleeping time and you woke wake up feeling so well.

Comment by sam
2014-06-26 08:56:07

I find that having a little drink of water before bed helps you to wake up in the morning, nothing gets me out of bed faster than needing to “go”. Also I think that alarm choice is very important, those that vary the tones or have “challenges” that you must complete before they turn off are very useful. On the downside, unless you have incredibly poor air circulation in your bedroom (as in physically sealing yourself into a air tight room) then there would be no way that CO2 would ever build up enough to pose any risk to health, it is good for keeping your room at the right temperature, but I also find it lets lots of bugs into my room, which can be pesky and disruptive to my sleep.

Comment by Noemi Tasarra-Twigg
2014-06-27 05:01:18

Drinking water before bed surely gets you up like nothing else…the thing is you need to find out how much, because in my case, I often end up getting up in the middle of the night!

Comment by Haru
2014-07-20 16:10:35

Drinking milk before going to bed.
Waking up and putting two cucumber slices o. your eyes

Comment by Brian Milton
2014-07-31 09:48:23

I really like the post and can’t wait to come home and try sleeping like this. I saw flawlessness in all of your points but Carbon Dioxide. If your house has an ac which it most likely does . The air is pulled in your return and your filter helps filter the air and it gets mixed with oxygen so when it comes out the vents it is cold and refreshed. (I work on ac’s in real life). So if you don’t like the window idea. Crack your bedroom door to let me air through :)

Comment by Brian Milton
2014-07-31 09:57:36

Crack your bedroom door to let it air through**

And Bookmark’D

Comment by Jujhar
2014-08-03 23:25:50

Ya man these tips are the best. I used to get just 5 hrs of sleep before, bt now i sleep for almost 7 hrs evry day, nd feel much more relaxed and enegetic in the morning…

Comment by Richard Holmes
2014-09-24 13:14:27

No, he meant to say it in a positive way, my friend. Don’t take it too far. He didn’t say anything stupid. Pick your advice among all.

Comment by muwahip
2014-10-11 07:06:07

this is good for me every morning

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