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5 Healthy Herbs And Spices To Include In Your Diet

With the thousands of plants growing on our lands, each with its own medicinal and health benefits, it becomes confusing which of these healthy herbs and spices you ought to include in your diet. The dilemma is understandable since it is only in the last few decades that the western world has accepted what advocates […]

How To Deal With The Quarter Life Crisis

We all know about mid-life crisis. It’s when men on their way to their 50s start driving sports cars and having an affair and women begin questioning life’s meaning or, more desperately, having Botox and an affair simultaneously. What’s lesser known and not getting the attention it deserves is the quarter life crisis. This condition afflicts […]

5 Things to Stop Expecting From People Around You

Expectations can be the death of you – whether expectations come from others or ourselves. While there is no getting rid of expectations in this world, if we are more mindful, we just might be able to deal with expectations in a better way. In this post, we’re going to focus on things to stop […]

10 Quotes on Grief and Healing

Grief can be a debilitating thing, and while everyone says time heals all wounds, those who suffer from the loss of a loved one knows that there is no formula for dealing with grief. It can be that a month after the passing of a loved one, things seem okay. Then suddenly, a week (or […]

14 Ways to Make Someone Smile Any Time

Have you ever had those days when you just feel like the world is 1. Take the first step: smile first. As they say, smile and the world smiles with you. Even better, smile at a stranger. You never know what a person is going through. Your smile might very well make the difference between […]

Ethical Dilemma: Would You Turn In a Loved One Who Has Committed a Crime?

We’ve had several “ethical dilemma” posts here on The Daily Mind, and we hope you find them as thought-provoking as we do. While we haven’t done them on a regular basis, here’s one for the week. The good son Your teenage son can be described as a “good boy”. He does well in school. He […]

How You Can Be The Helping Hand That Your Suffering Friend Needs

Sticking out your neck for your friend in trouble or having their backs in their time of need is a true sign of friendship. But offering your helping hand will do just fine as well. If your friend is going through depression, divorce, loss, or others, then the best way to help them is by reaching […]

Using Meditation and Mindfulness to Deal With the Aftermath of Divorce

With divorce comes the inevitable jumble of emotions that you can’t seem to sort out. From the moment the topic of divorce is brought up, the emotions start raging. When you and your spouse start the process with a divorce lawyer – and all throughout the proceedings – everything will even become more tangled; and […]

How to Let Go of Ego in Relationships

Last week, we talked about how ego can be harming your relationships. You may not be aware of it, but your ego may be getting in the way – or worse, actively destroying your relationships. Hopefully, the preceding post has helped you in evaluating your relationships and whether your ego is getting in the way. […]

Is Your Ego Harming Your Relationships?

We’ve all learned about the ego at some point in our education. Even informal education always touches upon the ego. Movies, books, TV shows, and conversations with others – these all bring up the topic of the ego at one point or another. But what exactly is the ego? The ego is our identity, an […]