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How to Overcome Hurdles to Success

Success is defined in many ways, but in the workplace, there is general idea that being successful is doing a good job and going up the ranks. Do you sometimes wonder why other people seem to be more successful at work than you are, even though you know you are just as good – or […]

Techniques to Fight Work Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a constant in life, but it doesn’t have to have such a strong negative impact on us. That is, if we know how to handle it properly. Studies have shown that prolonged stress and anxiety that remains unaddressed can lead not only to mental issues but to physical decline as well. One major […]

What Your Clothes Style Say About You

“It is impossible to wear clothes without transmitting social signals. Every costume tells a story, often a very subtle one, about its wearer.” – Desmond Morris Have you noticed how you feel more confident and self-assured when you are wearing clothes that you know you look good in and are comfortable? On the other hand, […]

5 Best Meditation Books for Beginners

A while back, we talked about guided meditation and how it can help you, especially if you don’t find it easy to control your mind – which is normal when you start practicing. We also shared some apps designed to ease you into regular meditation. Today, let’s look at some books that you can read to […]

Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

Sometimes, we don’t see the need to make some changes in our life. We think everything’s okay, and that’s the end of it. However, everyone knows there is always room for improvement. The thing is, we can’t always pinpoint those areas. We can’t determine what habits to form that will create significant changes. Even more, […]