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Think positively. That’s what we’re always told, and that’s what we usually say when we encourage others (and ourselves). But the route to thinking positively is not a straight path. There are times when we have to destroy blocks like negative thoughts in order to start thinking positive ones.

10 Ways to Save Money Fast When Facing a Financial Crisis

No one likes facing money problems, but they’re part of life. They come and go as the seasons do, and the best way to deal with them is to prepare. Always have a rainy day fund. There are times, though, when the rainy day fund runs out; when there’s just no escaping the fact that […]

Do Sex and Happiness Go Together?

Happiness is that one thing everyone is looking for. Many people, when asked about what they want, would say “To be happy” – without batting an eyelash. And that’s normal! Who wouldn’t want to be happy? As such, we all look for ways to become happy. We associate happiness with different things such as family, […]

Letting Go Of Love

Love is an addiction. No, seriously, it is. This isn’t just a metaphor – our brains react in precisely the same way to love as they do to heroin and crystal meth. Despite what culture has been telling us for centuries, love isn’t supernatural. It’s a profoundly natural phenomenon, with identifiable neurobiological components. This doesn’t diminish […]

How to Wake Up at Work Naturally

Sometimes, staying awake in the office is one of the most difficult things we have to face. Even if we like our jobs, there are just times when beddy-bye land calls and it seems there is no way but to heed that call. Or drink tons of coffee and energy drinks. Now, I am not […]