March 18th, 2014

Are You Emotionally Unavailable?

emotionally unavailable


Emotional availability is defined as “the ability of a person to reach out and make an emotional connection with another person” (Collins, Emotional Unavailability). If you find yourself not being able to understand the feelings of the people around you, you may be emotionally unavailable. Even more serious is you may not be in touch with your own feelings, at least not the important ones. We are not talking about maintaining a healthy level of confidence and appropriate boundaries. One of the hallmarks of emotional unavailability is keeping people who are supposed to be close in too far away. This can play itself out in many ways. Below are a few questions you can ask yourself to figure out if you may be emotionally unavailable. Read the rest of this article →

March 11th, 2014

What Can We Learn From The Zombie Apocalypse?


There are parts of all of us that need to be developed. We are no greater than the thoughts we think. We get up every day. Go to work. Walk the dogs. Cook the food. Mind the children. But do we move as a result of who we really are or who we want to project ourselves to be. We have to bring our outside lives, the things we do daily, in alignment with our real selves. Like many others I watch The Walking Dead. What fascinates me so much about the show is who we turn into when we lose the things we think make us who we are. Read the rest of this article →

March 10th, 2014

Tools to Develop Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been a very popular concept in recent times, and with how hectic we live our lives these days, it is rather understandable. The pace we live our lives brings about a lot of stress, and we find ourselves yearning for the good old days of enjoying the moment.


Unfortunately, mindfulness is something that does not come naturally to everyone. Fortunately, mindfulness is something that we can develop – if we want to. If you being mindful is one of the things that you want to achieve this year, here are some tools that can help you develop mindfulness.
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March 4th, 2014

7 Quotes About Gratitude


When I think about all that happens during the week, all of the things that I struggle with, I find life is easier when I remember to be grateful. Not just for the things that go right but for everything. Every experience, every opportunity.

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February 25th, 2014

Romance with the Unknown

romance with the unknown

Why do we spend so much of our precious time trying to know the unknowable? All the energy we use to plan and prepare for what is going to happen next and with whom. To identify all of the ways life will disappoint us and best it. The truth of the matter is our attempt to figure out, name, and categorize our experiences provides a false sense of hope. We purposefully limit ourselves and the scope of our ability around how much risk we can handle.

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