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How to Meditate at Work

The benefits of meditation have long ago been established, so we don’t really need to go through that again. We can even say that the idea that there is a need for meditation is widely accepted, especially since there are different ways to meditate. Resource: Meditation Books The question now is how do you find […]

The Reality of Alcoholism and Its Devastating Effects

This post was written by Parris Wells, Director of Marketing at New Method Wellness. Most of society has a singular view of alcoholism from a pop culture lens: Charlie Sheen’s ‘#winning’, that ‘one girl’ from The Bachelor who over-drinks and causes chaos in the house, and any college-related TV show or movie that depicts excessive […]

How the Right Community Can Boost Your Weight Loss

Like a lot of college kids who are away from home for the first time, I let myself go during my four years on campus. Taking advantage of my newfound freedom (and comprehensive meal plan!), I stayed up late, frequented local pizzerias and burger joints, and didn’t do much to make up for the fact […]

A Simple Guide to Overcoming Melancholy

Melancholy as an emotion is distinct from depression or grief. It has its own singular nature that is characterized by a certain vague sadness, an unexplainable tenuous sorrow that is baffling because you can’t quite put a finger on its cause. Changing circumstances in life allow melancholy to creep in insidiously and catch you unawares, […]