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Most of us are aware of how healthy we are and while some of us achieve good health through looking after ourselves, many of us sometimes lack the motivation and confidence to stay focused when it comes to a specific goal or even a general lifestyle change. Often when summer is coming around, we feel […]

The Art of Meaningful Connection With Others

Meaningful connection with others is central to good health. I see this truth play out daily in the lives of the clients I serve as a clinician in the field of addiction treatment. When clients feel supported and cared for within the context of loving connections with family, friends, therapists and a peer support group, […]

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Two Suicide Myths: 1.  Most suicides happen during the cold, dark months of winter. 2. Warning signs can predict suicides. The Reality: Suicide rates rise during spring, from early April to late May, according to a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Speculations abound on the origin of the holiday myth: the […]

How Turmeric Helps In Effective Weight Loss

Tumeric may not hog the attention for its medicinal value the way super plants like aloe vera, sage and garlic do, but it is a potent weight loss agent. Over the years, turmeric has been proven to actually help the body burn more fat and helping prevent diseases associated with high cholesterol levels. It has […]