What Britney Spears Can Teach You About Career Moves

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Britney Spears is the self proclaimed embodiment of the lifestyle of the rich and famous. She has achieved huge success, fame and wealth. She has also started to lose the plot. In this article I want to take a [painful] look at what Britters can teach us about a good career moves.

What can Britney Spears teach you about career moves

We should probably do the opposite of everything mentioned here.

1. When you start something, don’t finish it
In 2007 Britney Spears checked into a fancy rehab clinic. She was preparing to get off the drugs and alcohol and needed help. She was preparing for a long, tough and agonizing journey.

She checked out the same day.

If you want to quit a bad habit or develop a new good habit it is important to give up as soon as it gets hard.

2. Don’t face up to your misdeeds, even if there were witnesses

Britney hitting a parked car and driving away

Earlier in the year Britney drove her car into another car and then drove away without leaving a number, insurance details, etc. The problem was, there were hundreds of paparazzi cameras flashing away; the whole thing was caught on camera.

This teaches us the importance of not being honest and not caring about other people’s property. It also shows that we should never face up to things that we have done wrong, even when there are witnesses.

3. Disrespect those who influence your future
When Britney Spears was in court for one of her many criminal acts she proceeded to call the judge who was about to decide her sentence an “old fart”.

This is a good idea for all of use who want to get ahead. Don’t suck up to people, make fun of them and call them names!

4. Give only 50% at important work gatherings

Britney Spears comeback performance

Remember when Britney finished her stint in rehab and had to give a come back performance for her new album? She got up on stage in a tight bikini looking perhaps a little overweight, tired and possibly high. It was not a pretty sight. Everyone felt sorry for her and really didn’t enjoy the performance.

This lessons shows us how important it is to make little to no preparations and then give only 50% of your best when it counts.

5. If in doubt, kiss Madonna
Some people have said that the kiss with Madonna was the beginning of the end for Britney. It was after this that her drug abuse worsened, she married a few deadbeats in Vegas, released a greatest hits album (already!), checked in and out of rehab and more.

Britney was now showing the world that everything she had said before about her morals, ethics and religion was no longer important. All of that could be forgone for some ratings.

Conclusion on Britney’s career moves

We all laugh and joke about Britney but in reality I think we have lost sight that this girl is in serious trouble. She is mentally unwell and obviously not happy. The sad thing is that is the we as consumers who created this. Her life is public because we can’t get enough of the gossip.

But I ask you: what is so good about this woman that you want to keep looking? Nothing she does is worthy of attention.

The reason for writing this post was 1) to have a bit of a laugh and 2) to show that everything that we do has a consequence. Little girls are learning from Britney and will grow up thinking that she is a role model. Is your career so important that you would be unethical to get to where you want to be?

“Be very mindful of everything that you say for those very words could establish someone on the path to success or failure.” – Unknown.

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  1. Absolutely delightful. I used to write for a celeb website and I have to admit I wondered if the in-depth Britney knowledge I gained during my tenure would ever come in handy. And now you’ve helped me find it! The BS Guide To Getting Ahead. Coming soon to wherever you buy books.

  2. I just don’t care about Britney, Paris or any of that vapid junk. There are better things to be distracted by, such as making art, our children, good literature, cooking dinner, the war, global warming, pollution, you get the picture.

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