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The Daily Minder - The mind behind The Daily Mind

The Daily Mind was founded by The Daily Minder. He initially made this page to show you a little bit about who he is and why he created this blog. Here is his brief biography.

A Brief Biography of The Daily Minder

Early Years
A quiet boy born into a middle class family, The Daily Minder grew up in a nice suburb in a small city. During his primary school years he spent his time playing sport and video games like any normal boy. However, at around age 10 he had a sudden epiphany while watching his sad father go to work – there must be more to life than school, study, money and jobs. Desperate to find something meaningful in his life he began reading books and studying ancient eastern martial arts.

Throughout high school The Daily Minder continued his martial arts studies, taking particular interest in Chinese Kung Fu. He trained long hours both before and after school in an attempt to reach a level of deep inner peace.

Spiritual Journeys
In the first year of high school he was given a Buddhist book which he read with much energy. This book triggered a love of Eastern philosophy and before long he was reading the works of Buddha, Confucius and the Taoist masters. However, it was the Tibetan Buddhist teachings that mostly captivated his imagination and a few weeks after high school ended he travelled to North India to meet and study with the exiled Tibetan Buddhist monks and yogis. He has returned to North India every year since.

Work Life
He soon realized, however, that he needed a job. He could not live as a hermit his entire life. He found simple work and quickly discovered that a 9 to 5 job was not spiritually satisfying. Depressed and sad he worked the job like a zombie, wishing he could be back in the mountains meditating.

The second epiphany occurred in early 2007 when The Daily Minder realized that all the buddhist, zen, taoist and philosophical teachings of the world could be applied to everyday work. Suddenly his ordinary work became a living meditation. A balance between spiritual life and the rat races was possible.

Creation of The Daily Mind
The Daily Mind was created to share his experience with others and help him learn more about a happy work and a full life. The Daily Mind is an online outlet. A place to share, ask questions and laugh. A place to help make the daily grind meaningful. It covers many topics including:

  • Happiness at work
  • Success and making money
  • Workplace humor, jokes and entertaining stories
  • Using work as a spiritual and meditative tool
  • Productivity and workplace hacks
  • Anything to help make the daily grind meaningful

Become a Mindful Worker

Join The Daily Minder and the community of Mindful Workers by subscribing to the feed. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions or argue on each article or post. The Daily Mind is a place for everyone to learn, grow and smile.

The New Daily Mind Team

The Daily Minder has now expanded, with two new team members sharing their own experiences – personal and vicarious. While the people behind the blog may have changed, the essence remains the same. We still want to help everyone have a more meaningful life than merely making do with the daily grind. Meet the The Daily Mind team.

Liz Parry
Liz has been working as a journalist and editor for the past 15 years, writing for newspapers, magazines and the internet. Five years ago she specialised in writing about holistic health and wellbeing, personal development and spirituality. Liz is particularly interested in Buddhism and meditation and has furthered her interest through her travels around South East Asia and India. She is a qualified reiki practitioner and has a keen interest in neuro linguistic programming (NLP). Follow her on Twitter and Google+.

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