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How to Develop Humility in Your Kids

You might be surprised to hear that one of the best things you can do as a parent is to develop humility in your kids. The surprise comes because humility is grossly misunderstood. It conjures up images of a meek and unassuming child who eats alone in the school cafeteria and does not belong to […]

How to Disconnect From The World And Find Peace

Disconnecting from everything around you is hard, but necessary. Do you have stress build up in your body? Neck and shoulders tense? Is your mind going faster than your body possibly can? STOP! Disconnect. If you live in chronic, persistent stress you will be welcoming a stroke soon.

The Best Essential Oils to Wake You Up in the Morning

It can be tough to roll out of bed when the alarm buzzes. The right combination of essential oils can help in the transition by clearing your mind of morning fog. Derived from plants, essential oils work in different ways to boost metabolism, heal the body, and soothe the mind.

Health & Wellness Apps for Millennials [Infographic]

It’s so important that we look after our health. As the saying goes, “your health is your wealth”. It’s a simple saying but it’s oh-so-true. While our daily lives can be busy and chaotic, as long as we have our health, we can keep going. Today’s world is a busy environment with so many distractions […]