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Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder which is characterised by abrupt onset of intense fear, terror, or discomfort that reaches a peak within minutes, in addition to feelings of apprehensiveness with regards to the episode of future panic attacks. In fact, about 2 to 3 per cent of people in the United States experience panic […]

4 Reasons Teachers Need Continuing Education

As teachers transition from college to the classroom, they use the information they obtained in those college classes to inspire their students. Often, their exuberance can be felt as they pour the information out into the willing sponge-matter of each child. But after a few years in the educational system, teachers may find the excitement […]

How To Practice Money Mindfulness For Financial Success

The benefits of mindfulness to our physical and mental health and our relationships have been established through numerous studies. Yet, few people associate this pathway to well-being with financial success. If mindfulness means being focused and aware of the present without passing judgment, the same discipline can be applied to money management, too.

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Over time, feng shui has become a decorating phenomena for balancing energy in your home while reaping the benefits of improved living. This ancient Chinese belief claims that areas in life such as success, health and happiness are heavily affected by a home’s layout or how objects are arranged within living spaces. Feng shui can […]

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While some may say there are eight, nine or even 10 dimensions of wellness, here we’ll focus on seven of the most important dimensions of wellness that can help you experience total well-being, physically and emotionally. By addressing every aspect of well-being you’re likely to feel more balanced, energized and ready to take on anything […]