Articles written by Marisol

Protect Yourself Against Spring Allergy with these 4 Strategic Approaches

Spring is an exciting season with warmer temperatures and more sunlight, causing many plants to grow quickly and provide more food. However, my friend Sheena is least happy during this time of the year. She experiences non-stop sneezing, red and itchy eyes and even difficulty of breathing.  Spring allergy or seasonal hay fever is a […]

Do You Have IED? Getting a Grip on Your Anger

Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) may not be as widely known as obsessive compulsive disorder, PTSD, and bipolar disorder, but it is just as destructive – to other people and yourself, properties, relationships, careers and studies. Today, about 16 million Americans, or 7% of the adult population, experience IED at some point in their lives.

The Signs of Burnout and How to Recover from It

If you’ve been working too hard, aiming for unrealistic goals and driving yourself to the ground, you’re a prime candidate for burnout. Burnout isn’t about having a bad day at work, or even a bad week. It’s more pernicious, draining your energy and making you feel an exhaustion that isn’t relieved by rest. On a […]

How to Turn Perfectionism into a Healthy Habit

In the last few decades, perfectionism has gotten a bad name. It wasn’t always that way. People, especially job applicants when asked what their weaknesses are, love to proclaim they’re perfectionists, hoping to be seen in a positive light by interviewers.

Why A Spiritual Retreat Is Essential To Your Well-being

The next time you’re planning to go on a vacation, why not take a spiritual retreat? Skip the crowd that flock to the beaches and bars and escape from the noise and clutter of your everyday life. Seek a haven where you can reclaim serenity and inner peace surrounded by silence and nature. Spiritual retreats […]

4 Keys to Bring Back the Passion in Long Term Relationships

Like brother and sister. Haven’t you heard that phrase being used to describe husband and wife or partners who’ve been together for the longest time? One challenge in long term relationships is keeping the passion alive. The love may still be there, but it’s the kind of love you feel for a sibling, or a […]

7 Ways To Achieve A Healthy Balance Of Body And Mind

Aging brings with it many challenges, primarily in physical and mental health. The agility, strength and immune system that were taken for granted begin deteriorating as we grow older. The youthful skin and clear vision, and the ease of building a social network slowly decline. Without proper care, older people develop an assortment of chronic […]

10 Basic Relationship Tips I Learned Along the Way 

The internet is teeming with too many relationship tips and advice, making it difficult to filter the wise from the silly. So I’ve had to rely on credible sources for guidance and transpose them on my own experiences to navigate through my own relationships with some success.

My 5 Personal Best TED Talks

It’s almost impossible to pick the best TED talks because there are so many great ones. TED talks are opportunities for learning and sources of inspiration. The top TED talks are based on categories since the topics are extremely diverse. I have picked a few of them because they appealed to my desire for self-improvement.