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Are You Checking In On Yourself Enough?

One of the most central aspects of living a healthy and fulfilling life is taking good care of yourself. The pace and pressure of everyday tasks can push our own needs to the backburner and hurt our physical and mental health.  Read: Self-Care: Your Ticket to a Happy, Healthy Life This article looks to some […]

Funny Advice to Give a Bride on Her Wedding Day

A wedding all about two couples coming together to share their lives for all eternity. It’s two lovebirds vowing to honor, care for, and forgive one another for as long as they both shall live.  Yes, a wedding is serious business. But luckily for you as a guest, it’s also a time to laugh.

How Human Resources Pros Can Help Employees Defeat Imposter Syndrome

It may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but there is an element of flair to working in human resources. People aren’t reducible to simple numbers or even facts, so recruitment requires a certain amount of insight, instinct, and imagination. Human resources professionals need to imagine how each candidate will fit into […]

How to Adopt Healthy Habits When Everyone Around You Hasn’t

Sometimes it feels like Sisyphean work maintaining a healthy weight, staying fit and just making healthy life decisions. Unfortunately, the answer lies in the fact that very often we are left to deal with the tiring challenges on our own. Being different and sticking out is not easy, but there are ways to overcome these […]

Retirement Planning – 3 Ways to Have a Happier Retirement

Stepping into the golden years of our life is like moving on to a new chapter in a book – we are excited to see what the next pages will bring and looking forward to discovering new things. Similar to books, life is a story written by the people in it – how we choose […]

Why You Should Consider Camping to Enhance Your Psychological Health

Everyone knows that camping is fun. Not only do you get to spend some time in nature in the fresh air, but you also get to spend some quality time with your loved ones. However, did you know that camping brings many other benefits to you as well? It can certainly help you with your […]

Practicing Generosity – Get Better at Delegating

When you’re stressed out and operating below-par due to overwork, handing tasks to other people sounds like the obvious answer – but it has to be done right. Delegating is a skill, perhaps even an artform, because it is such a delicate matter. You might get called out for believing that handing work to someone […]

Useful Tips For Dealing With Divorce Stress

When you’re going through a divorce, you have to question some of the most important decisions and aspects of your life up until this point. This can leave anyone feeling drained and stressed out to the point of helplessness. A big part of your life is being affected and it’s perfectly understandable that you might […]

5 Staycation Tips For A Real-Vacation Feeling

The sun, the sea, and your bare feet in the sand- sounds nice, doesn’t it? Even though this is a really nice picture of relaxation, it’s not the only way to find peace after a whole year of working hard like most ads and media will have you believe.