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How to Determine If You Made the Right Choice

The first big decision I had to make was choosing a course for college. Between high school graduation and the opening of classes, I had less than three months to pick one ( if you’re wondering why, it’s because I never gave it a thought until I had to) and my whole life ahead depended […]

Lifestyle Changes to Make For Your Health at Work

The average American spends 35 hours per week at work! Spending a quarter of your week on the job means that another quarter is spent sleeping, commuting from place to place, doing other chores and participating in family activities. This means that you shouldn’t let your health fall to the wayside at work so that […]

How to Turn Negative Feedback Into Something Positive

One of the hardest things in the world to deal with is negative feedback. We all like to hear positive things about ourselves to boost our self-esteem and confidence, but negative feedback can play an important role in our development too. This only works if you can take that feedback in the spirit it was […]

How to Have a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are a relatively new concept; with digital technologies making it easier than ever to stay in contact with people from all over the world. While a long-distance relationship certainly isn’t a traditional approach to a relationship, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a viable one. Related: Platonic Intimacy: Why It’s Better than […]

Practicing Generosity – Get Better at Delegating

When you’re stressed out and operating below-par due to overwork, handing tasks to other people sounds like the obvious answer – but it has to be done right. Delegating is a skill, perhaps even an artform, because it is such a delicate matter. You might get called out for believing that handing work to someone […]

5 Staycation Tips For A Real-Vacation Feeling

The sun, the sea, and your bare feet in the sand- sounds nice, doesn’t it? Even though this is a really nice picture of relaxation, it’s not the only way to find peace after a whole year of working hard like most ads and media will have you believe.

Be The Change: How to Make Your Community More Eco-Friendly

For those of us that do our part to be eco-friendly, to keep our planet healthy and happy, it can sometimes be a challenge to help others do the same. Though you might be doing all you can at home to recycle and reduce your own carbon footprint, the next step is to inspire others […]

10 Tips for Boosting Your Child’s Immunity to Mental Illness

Most parents know how to support a healthy immune system in their child— but preventing mental illness and improving their mental health? Not so much. Many parents wonder to what degree they really can help a child overcome a family history of addiction or mental illness. And they question what it will take to help […]

How to Fully Embrace Yourself For Who You Are

We all have our own set of insecurities. No matter how confident you may or may not feel about yourself, there are no doubt some days when we all feel a little less than great about ourselves. As self-confidence seems to be something that we have to work on from time to time, there are […]

5 Ways to Be Present in the Here and Now

In a world that’s full of distractions and instant gratuity, it can be hard to be happy and present in the here and now. Even outside the distractions that are constantly bombarding us, how do we stop worrying about what has happened and what may happen in the future? Being present is a struggle, but […]