10 Ways to Become a Better Son or Daughter

In theory, we all know that our parents want only the best for us. They have our best interest at heart, and they will do whatever is in their power to make us happy. In reality, it is hard to remember this concept. There are many times when our beliefs and wants clash with that […]

8 Simple Rules to Take Control of Your Time

Taking control of your life is a lot harder than it sounds. Sure, we all want to believe we are in control, however too often we let ourselves fall behind. We let others and our love for them direct how our days unfold, and before you know it, you don’t have any time that is […]

How to Focus at Work

A couple of weeks ago, I shared an infographic offering tips on how to meditate at work. The main idea of the article was how to find time to meditate with a hectic schedule…you want to meditate but can’t find time. We know that meditation brings focus and helps us center our minds, which extends […]

7 Fun Ways to Improve Your Memory

Do you have 10 copies of your house keys because you always forget them? Do you have to run around the house looking for your car keys in the morning? How about remembering names? Are you simply “bad with names”? Maybe you’re suffering from memory loss. 5 Tips for Improving Focus & Your Mind Some […]

15 Ways to Become Mentally Tough

We all want to be mentally tough, but sometimes it may feel like you weren’t born to be that way. Understand one thing: mental toughness is not an inherent trait. It can be learned, developed, and honed. If you want to become mentally tough, you need to work at it. You want to become tough […]

Beat Depression by Yourself: Is it Possible?

Depression drains energy like the bathtub drain sucks water when the plug is removed. There may be days when the energy drain isn’t too bad, but there are days when you just can’t get out of bed. Many people will say that it is all right to ask for help and that every person who […]

10 Ways to Remember Loved Ones Who’ve Passed Away

Easter is a Christian tradition celebrating the rising of Jesus Christ from the grave, and while this is still the core of the commemoration by many churches worldwide, the holiday has spread out to other festivities. Easter egg hunt, anyone? It has also become a time for families to get together, much like other major […]

How to Stay Awake at Work Without Sleep

It happens to all of us. For whatever reason, we stay up all night – or most of it. However, most of the time, there’s no going around the fact that we have to go to work in the morning. In cases like these, what are you to do? 11 Best Ways to Wake Up […]

How to Calm Your Mind in the Midst of Conflict

Some people thrive in the middle of conflict and are able to keep a rational mind in spite of heightened negative senses. Others totally lose it. As for me, I avoid conflict as much as I can. I am unconfrontational, which can be bad in the sense that, when I find myself in the middle […]