4 Healthy Couple Goals to Start on Valentine’s Day

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Make your Valentine’s Day different this year. Instead of planning for one whole day of love and romance, make fun and healthy shared objectives that you can start and carry on ‘til the next V-Day comes along. Much like New Year’s resolutions, only this time it’s for the both of you to formulate and fulfill.

Couple goals are pursuits you can do and enjoy together, and what could be better than activities that will keep you fit and strong, giving you more years of happy togetherness. True romance, after all, goes beyond flowers and chocolates and remains after the giddiness has passed.

So, for this heart month, why not try these four engaging couple projects that will enhance the bonds of your relationship, keep the love alive and deepen your connection.

Dinner by candlelight
Dinner by candlelight

Learn how to whip up yummy healthy cuisine together.

Cooking meals together is a great opportunity for spending time with each other and talking. Collaborate in drawing up menus for dinner and going to the grocery for ingredients. Take up a class or search the internet to educate yourselves on healthy fare and cooking tips. If cooking isn’t one partner’s interest, mere presence is enough. Here are two tips for cooking healthy:

  • Plan to make nutritious and balanced meals.

We all know that healthy dishes are high in fiber and low in calories. Make fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables the key ingredients in your fare and be sparing with the fats, sugar and salt. Choose lean meat, chicken breast and fish for your protein. Study the dietary guidelines found in the MyPlate pattern.

  • Choose fresh and organic food.

Pick fresh fruits and vegetables over canned, whole grains and organic rice over white bread and trans fat-laden cakes and pastries. The phytonutrients and antioxidants keep you looking young and strengthen the immune system, keeping ailments away.

A romantic table setting with gorgeous linen, softly scented candles, fresh flowers and red wine completes the ambiance and sets off the mood.

Make fitness couple goals.

Fitness couples goals may be taking up a sport together, enrolling in a gym or simply setting aside time for a regular bout of walking, biking or running. Wear couples outfits to declare your relationship. To monitor your progress, wear activity trackers to monitor the number of steps you have taken, heart rate, calories burned and even the soundness of your sleep. Go to www.frugaa.com for online coupons that give you the best deals for wearable technology. The benefits of fitness goals for couples are many, among them:

  • Connecting with each other – since most hours of the day are spent apart, at work or in business, running on the treadmill side by side in a gym or just walking in the park for an hour or two is time for keeping up with each other’s daily lives. Make the goals doable so that you can continue the activities without getting discouraged.
  • Overall fitness – regular physical activity through sports or exercise keeps you healthy and minimizes the risk for heart disease and obesity. It also helps maintain you a positive disposition by reducing stress and increasing libido.


guided meditation benefits

Join a yoga class or a meditation group.

Practice these Eastern ways and add them as couple goals. They relieve stress by keeping you focused and enhancing mindfulness. You begin to appreciate simplicity, stillness and silence and you’ll find the inner peace that will help keep a stable and harmonious relationship.

Join a group or get a guru to start you off. When you have learned the techniques of yoga and meditation, they become second nature to you.

Put excitement back into your sex life.

Routine is boring. Even sex needs something new. Try kinky but not perverted. Wear sexy lingerie and red lipstick. For foreplay, showing care and affection throughout the day and avoiding petty quarrels set the tone for an amorous ambiance in the bedroom.

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