3 Ways to Mix Mindfulness and Halloween Fun

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Everyone looks forward to Halloween, the annual ghost and ghoul holiday where adults and children alike don outrageous costumes, hold mad parties and go trick or treating. Yet sometimes, the jokes can be insensitive and the sugar rush from all the candies can go over the limit. This year, why not mix mindfulness and Halloween and impart the concept to friends and children as well? Yes, there are ways to do it without being a party pooper. Read on and learn how.

How to Mix Mindfulness and Halloween

Mindful Eating

Halloween is all about sugarcoated treats. We give bagsful of candies to the kids who come with their treat bags and we also don’t restrict our children from gobbling them up. But if we put mindfulness into eating during this popular holiday, we’d become more aware of the harm that sugar overload can do to the little bodies, even if it’s just for a few days. The sweet taste itself leads to cravings and giving in to its pull can lead to a myriad of health problems.


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So when your kids are ready to go out and knock on doors, make sure they do so with a full stomach. Feeding them a healthy meal beforehand will reduce their urge to gorge on the sugary sweets they receive. Give them bags that are not too large to limit the quantity of sweets they can have. When they get home, don’t allow them to eat too much of the candies. Save the rest for the days to come.

For your own goodies to give trick-or-treaters, give out low-sugar or non-food alternatives. Cereal bars, sugar-free candies, mini boxes of cereal or raisins, pudding packs are healthier choices. Non-food treats are also welcome, such as glow sticks, black cat pencil toppers and witch erasers, and Halloween-themed stickers and stick-on tattoos.

Mindfulness in Halloween parties

Costumes are the essence of Halloween parties and it’s a tough and hilarious competition to beat the others in who has the best or most unique outfit. The Halloween motif of the party place is also important to the ambiance of the event. Keep in mind these tips to imbue mindfulness into your festive gatherings.

When planning the costumes you will wear, be aware of the feelings of other people. Avoid outfits that suggest sexual, racial or religious discrimination. A blackface costume is racist and dressing up with a turban makes a mockery of serious social issues. Overly sexy and suggestive costumes are insulting to women.

Mindfulness and Halloween

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Don’t portray specific races in Halloween skits. Costumes that depict another nationality in inferior positions are insensitive and will make people uncomfortable and upset.

Avoid party props and decors like toy guns and explosives, as they are currently controversial issues. Witches, cobwebs and zombies are more acceptable considering present times.

Mindfulness in actions and words

Halloween is a time to remember the dead. Go out and have fun! But mix mindfulness and Halloween, too. Think of your loved ones who have passed away and the values and principles they have taught you. Be respectful when talking to others. Mind your words and comments and make sure you are not hurting people with crass jokes.

It’s not difficult to practice mindfulness every day, not only on Halloween.  By focusing on the present, being emotionally attuned to the people you are with and raising your own awareness of the environment, you become more responsive, charitable and kind. And you will feel a sense of contentment and peace that makes your life so much better.

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