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Conflict conveys gloom and negativism, making it seem an unlikely medium as a personal development tool. That’s because our general concept of achieving personal growth is acquiring skills and cultivating attitudes through formal classes, life experiences, strategies and outlooks that are acceptable to society. But conflict, unwelcome as it is, does have its uses, if […]

5 Keys To Develop Mindfulness At Work

Mindfulness at work has been proven to help employees focus on the task at hand and increase productivity, which is why Google, Facebook, Pixar and a host of other companies have made space for meditation rooms in their corporate offices. Mindfulness, after all, is a form of meditation, and practiced regularly, is assimilated into your […]

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As counter-intuitive as it may seem, your mind could really use a break from hours of continuous effort, and instead, focus on activities that support your cognitive brilliance. One such habit is regular exercise. If you’re not convinced, take Evan Williams’s word for it – as the co-founder of Twitter, he certainly has a lot […]

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There is an art to emotional detachment in a relationship to make it work for you. On the one hand, when you constantly tune out your partner during a conflict, you’re slowly chipping away at the ties that bind your relationship, and you’re caught unawares when it finally crumbles like a sand castle. Then again, […]

Art and Mental Health

There’s no denying that art can enhance the ambiance of a room or add a pop of color to your decor, but did you know that art has a significant impact on your mental wellbeing as well? That’s right! Whether you embark on the journey of creating a work of art or you simply take […]