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5 Ways to Rebuild your Life and Be Happy Post-Divorce

Divorce is one of the ugly realities of life. The pain and anguish are intense even for the one initiating it, more so if the split is contentious and involves property and child issues or infidelity. It is also a complicated litigation process. Emotions are high and the battle for child support and custody, and […]

How to Live with Toxic Family Members

We’ve all heard about toxic relationships, and why it’s best to make a total break. But what about toxic family members you live with? Unlike an intimate partner or a spouse, it’s unimaginable to throw a parent, child, or sibling out of the house. If you’re the bread winner, it’s plain cruelty. It’s easier if […]

What Feeling Powerless Does to You and How to Deal With It

A generalized perception of feeling powerless can have an adverse impact on your self-esteem, well-being and behavior in everyday life. Being in control of your life and, to a certain extent your environment, is a fundamental human need. When that control is taken away from you, you feel a sense of powerlessness.

Are You Giving Too Much of Yourself in Your Relationships?

This article is primarily for women, as studies show that the female species are more inclined to take on prosocial behavior (selflessness) than men. In relationships with your partner, parents and friends, do you feel that you are giving too much of yourself?

How to Save Your Back When Lifting Heavy Objects

Back injuries are something that many, many people deal with. 80% of people, to be precise. Many of those people, unfortunately, initiate or exacerbate the pain by using improper techniques when lifting heavy objects. The good news is that many of these injuries can be avoided by employing the proper methods. For example, if you’re […]