Download Your FREE Copy of My New 22 Page eBook – Enlightening Stress Relief

The first edition of Enlightening Stress Relief is now available as a free download when you subscribe to The Daily Mind.

Enlightening Stress Relief the Free eBook

I am very excited as this is the first eBook I have written for The Daily Mind and I am confident it will help a lot of people who are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression because of things going on at work and in their busy lives. I have written the book about a few simple but powerful Buddhist meditation techniques that are excellent ways to deal with stress. I learned most of these while in the Himalayas and wanted to share them with anyone out there who thinks stress is getting the better of them.

To get your free copy simply head over to this page for download instructions. It is 100% free and yours to keep for ever.

8 thoughts on “Download Your FREE Copy of My New 22 Page eBook – Enlightening Stress Relief

  1. I was all upset I’d have to sign up for your blog by email as I already subscribe to your RSS. But then it dawned on me to see if the download link were on your latest entry’s RSS and it was! Maybe you should mention that?

  2. Karl – Thanks mate! Let me know if you like it.

    Brice – Yeah I think you are right, i should mention it. I was just trying to keep it simple for people as most people have no idea how to subscribe by RSS . But, I think I will mention it.

    Thanks guys.


  3. God I am so stressed all the time I hope this eBook is good. Btw I think it would be a great idea to mention you can subscribe by rss too.


  4. Excellent work on the eBook cover! Looks really pro!

    I’m downloading mine now!

    Is it a pdf file?

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