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Health Goals You Can Actually Stick to in 2019

Goals are a tricky thing. Setting them up is easy, following through is harder, and then actually sticking to them for a long period of time seems almost impossible. We’ll vow to go on a diet and exercise every day, we’ll promise to take much better care of ourselves, and then our initial energy and […]

Low-Carb (and Keto) Food List to Start 2019 Strong

What better way to kick off the new year than with a clear set of health goals and intentions? Clean eating not only benefits your body through potential weight loss, but it can also reduce your risk of disease and clear your mind so you can be the best version of yourself.

United Plates – Just How Healthy are America’s Favourite Dishes?

America isn’t exactly known for its healthy cuisine. The United States has somewhat of a reputation for unnaturally large portions of unhealthy food. But America is made up of 50 states. Amica International thought it would be unfair to write all American cuisine off as unhealthy without digging a little deeper. So in response, they’ve […]

Quickly Boost Your Mood With These Food Items

We know that there is a link between food and mental health, so the logical thing to do is to watch what we eat. Some people binge eat when on a low, while some starve themselves. As is usually the case, finding a middle ground is the best thing to do. When you feel that your […]

Food and Mental Health [Infographic]

Earlier this month, I wrote about food to avoid when depressed. To recap, you should avoid processed food, caffeine, soy, trans fat, refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners. That post is by no means an exhaustive list of food to avoid if you know that you have depression, but it’s a good place to start. Today, […]

Food to Avoid If You Have Depression

There is the old saying that “you are what you eat”, and it studies have shown that the food we eat may have effects on our mental state as well. If you’re struggling with depression or anxiety, you may already be seeing a therapist. You may be taking medication to deal with chemical imbalances in […]

Start your day on the right note

Previously in this blog I’ve written about the fact that I’m not a natural optimist and that I have to work hard to maintain a positive outlook in life. Well, it so happens that I’m also not much of a morning person. It’s a pretty rare day when I leap out of bed, full of […]

5 foods to boost your mood

I’ve been working to a pretty tight deadline this week, which has meant several long days at my desk. It’s been pretty tiring work and I must confess that I’ve been reaching for the coffee pot and the biscuit tin one too many times. I’ve noticed that my intake of sugary, caffeine-filled foods and drinks […]

How to fight fatigue naturally

Every day you can guarantee that around 3pm my eyes will start to droop and I’ll struggle to stay awake at my desk – that’s when the dreaded afternoon slump kicks in. It’s so tempting to reach for a cup of coffee or a chocolate bar, but these can play havoc with the body’s blood […]

Make Being Vegetarian Easy With Recipe Finder

Vegetarianism is a worthy idea to consider, not because it is the fashionable thing to do, but because it does bring about a lot of benefits. I am not out to convince you to become a vegetarian. People who are actually engaged in the practice are in a better position to do that. However, I […]